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One highlight of the fiesta celebration of Bacong is of course the search for Miss Bacong 2017. This event revolves on the search for a woman with not only beauty and brains, but with an advocacy that would bring the municipality of Bacong to a whole new level.

The Miss Bacong 2017 Pageant was supposed to start at eight o’clock, however, it was delayed due to the rainy weather. The audience used the covered stage as their big umbrella while others seek shelter around the food booths of the Bacong Plaza. The organizers were very hospitable in allowing the audience to use the stage as as time being roof.

After about half an hour, the rain finally stopped and it was Show Time! For a beauty pageant with five major rounds, one can say that everything was extremely smooth and well organized. Within about three and a half hours, the eight lovely candidates were able to present themselves in the production number, talent round, play wear attire, question and answer and of course the gown round.

The host for the Miss Bacong 2017 Pageant wasted no minute in starting the show with the usual prayer and National Anthem and reading of criteria. First round, Production Number! All the candidates were dressed in fitting floral summer dresses which looked pretty cute as they danced around the stage. After introducing themselves, it was time to showcase their talents. The crowd went wild for their favorite candidates as they dance, sing and owned the stage.

While the other candidate was performing, the rest of the other candidates were busy preparing for the next round which everybody loves. One can consider the town of Bacong as a very religious and conservative town, because the play wear attire was supposed to substitute the bikini round. Instead of hot revealing bikinis, the candidates showcased their body by wearing a “play wear” dress with some retro green blue and green crisscross design. Nevertheless, it was still eye-catching for the audience.

Still wearing their play wear dresses, it was time to test the candidates’ opinions and point of views in the Question and Answer portion. Unlike other beauty pageants, the candidates will not be given a question but a hashtag which is somehow related to the celebration of the Bacong Fiesta (ex. #MissBacong2017).

After the hard part was over, it was time to showcase their elegance and grace as they parade the stage in their stunning blue evening gowns. The candidates were serenaded after the evening gown round by celebrity star Johannes Rissler Jr. (actor and model). The crowd went wild over this prince charming that even the male groups were eager to take a picture with him.

Overall, the Miss Bacong 2017 was quite a show. Job well done by the organizers: Bacong Government Officials and pageant organizers. We are looking forward see Bacong next year for their fiesta celebration.

Congratulations Miss Bacong 2017!

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