Sandurot Festival 2019

Street Dancing & Showdown Competition

Dumaguete City - Sandurot Festival 2019 - Showdown

Sandurot Festival 2019 in Dumaguete City was as expected…awesome! Being the capital of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City takes pride in putting on the best show they can for all visitors to see. Showcasing a story of diverse culture, hospitality, and history, the Sandurot Festival Street Dancing and Showdown is one of the most awaited events during the whole celebration.

Sandurot Festival 2019
Street Dancing & Showdown

The street dancing competition of the Sandurot Festival started around 3:30 pm during a hot afternoon. You can somehow feel pity for the young dancers who had to walk around the streets. Then again, it was the Sandurot Festival! You can see how eager they were to give their very best performance to bring honor to their respective barangays and schools! The route of the competition started from the Rizal Boulevard going to the Silliman Hall (two of Dumaguete’s famous tourist spot). Then making a turn to Portal West, then down to the Dumaguete Cathedral and the Dumaguete Belltower. The final stop would be making a small turn for the City Hall.

After the street dancing competition, the showdown competition was on! During this portion, they got to showcase their special formations and moves at Quezon Park. Hundreds of locals and foreign guests watched the program with awe. All 14 dance groups did their best. After the competition, they all went to the dancefloor and danced their loses and victories with a smile knowing they did their best.

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