No Kalag-Kalag Pass, No Entry Starting Oct. 20 for All Soul’s Day

October 19, 2020 – by LUPAD Dumaguete “City of Gentle People” posted on Facebook

The term “kalag” means soul. In celebration of the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, Dumaguete City will be requiring the Kalag-Kalag Pass starting this October 20, 2020. Other requirements such as food and liquor ban are to be implemented to have a safe celebration.

No Kalag-Kalag Pass, No Entry Starting Oct. 20 for All Soul’s Day

To regulate the number of visitors to the city’s 7 public cemeteries and memorial parks, Kalag-Kalag passes shall be required at the entrances beginning October 20-28 and November 5 to 7, 2020. Pursuant to Executive Order No. 22 series of 2020 signed by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, residents can request for Kalag-Kalag passes with QR codes in their respective Barangay Halls on limited slots per day proportionate to the barangay population.

The barangay officials may adopt measures of their own to make sure the residents will not crowd in the barangay halls while getting the Kalag-Kalag passes. Public and private cemeteries will be open from 6:00AM to 7:30PM. Visitors are only given one-hour duration visit and enforcers are deployed to ensure that they will not exceed the allotted time.

While Mayor Remollo believes that due to the risks of COVID-19 pandemic it is better to stay-at-home and offer prayers in private, but those who still wish to observe the long-held tradition of visiting the graves of their departed loved ones may do so by getting a Kalag-kalag pass.

To obtain a Kalag-Kalag Pass and be allowed entry in the cemeteries, residents must:

1. Request a Kalag-kalag pass at the Barangay Hall
2. Present the pass at the entrance of the cemeteries
3. Always wear face masks and practice social distancing
4. Submit to thermal scanning and use disinfectants
5. Observe the one-hour allotted time for visit
6. Exit at the designated areas in an orderly manner

Additional reminders:

No Kalag-Kalag Pass, No Entry
No food, No liquor allowed
No deadly, sharp and bladed weapons allowed
Be guided by the traffic routing scheme

In compliance to the national directive, all cemeteries will be closed to the public from October 29 to November 4, 2020. Members of the Philippine National Police, Barangay Peace and Safety Officers and Traffic Management Office will be deployed to enforce the regulations.

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