Cemeteries Closed on Oct. 24- Nov. 4 for Undas Ban 2020

September 23, 2020 – by DaisyB posted on Dumaguete.Info

All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day are fast approaching.However, due to the coronovirus pandemic, this year’s Undas will have to be limited for the safety of all. The Undas Ban 2020 will take place to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Undas Ban 2020 – Cemeteries Close on October 24 to November 4 Amidst Pandemic

The Undas Ban 2020 will have all seven public and private cemeteries in Dumaguete City closed from October 24, 2020 until November 4, 2020. The celebration of Undas will be kept to a minimum due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dumaguete Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Antonio Remollo however, deliberated to the Punong Barangays or Barangay Head and City Health Office on how to regulate visitors during the Undas ban.

Undas Ban 2020 – Pandemic for the Dead

Undas is the local term for Día de Todos Los Santos or All Saints’ Day in the Philippines. This is usually celebrated on the first day of November. On the second day of November, the All Soul’s Day is celebrated. This is to honor departed loved ones such as families and friends. However, due to the continuous spread of COVID-19 world-wide, the celebration of All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day will have to be limited. There are about two public cemeteries and five public cemeteries in the city. All of the management of these cemeteries will have to be consulted to finalize the plan and ensure its efficient implementation.

Undas Pass for Grave Visitors

During a Barangay Council meeting, City Mayor Remollo asked the Punong Barangay or Barangay Head for suggestions on how to control and restrict the number of visitors to the cemeteries at least two weeks before and after the Undas Ban period. After various ideas were thrown to the table, it was decided that quarantine passes will be used by the barangays to regulate the people who wish to visit their departed loved ones.

The quarantine pass suggestions, however, will have to be finalized by the City’s Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management for Emerging Infectious Diseases in another meeting. Having said that, Mayor Remollo is the Chairperson of the City IATF while City Health Office Ma. Sarah B. Talla is the Vice-Chairperson and Liga ng mga Barangay President Dione Amores is a member. There is a good chance that the suggestion will materialize and that the Undas Pass will be implemented on the said period of the ban.

Please wear your face masks when going out in public. Maintain social distancing with at least 1 meter. Wash your hands with soap and water. Sanitize your hands as much as possible, to minimize the risk of germs and bacteria. Avoid gatherings and big crowds.

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