Dumaguete City – Quarantine Times

Dumaguete City – Quarantine Times

The global pandemic has affected everyone with their work, school, and daily living. Here in Dumaguete City, plenty of people are struggling to find a job and providing the basic necessities for their families. The school year has been tough for students who are now opting for modular and online classes. Dumaguete City’s Local Government Unit or LGU has been providing relief goods and aid to those who are in need. However, a sack of rice and a few canned goods will not last them until the COVID-19 pandemic has finally flee.

Community Quarantine in Dumaguete City

During the first few months of the community quarantine in the city, plenty of stores were forced to closed. Groceries store, pharmacies, banks, call centers, government offices, and bakeries could operate during the first few months of the community quarantine. Hotels in Dumaguete and Beach Resorts in Dauin were closed. Activities such as scuba diving in Apo Island was also prohibited. Public transportation was minimized and controlled. Wearing of face mask and social distancing is a must when going out of the house. A quarantine pass was given to every household, and only one member of the house could go out to buy food, medicine and other necessities.

Dumagueteños are vigilant to the recent outbreak of the virus. As a religious town, prayers are always used as a might weapon. Online and live streaming of Sunday masses and church services are available. Charitable works and feeding programs are still on going despite the quarantine. However, plenty of locals are still struggling. With almost everyone doing their part of the community, there is hoped to end the spread of the virus.

The Bayanihan to Heal as One Act

Republic Act No. 11469, otherwise known as Bayanihan Act, is a law in the Philippines that was enacted in March 2020 granting the President additional authority to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines. The word “bayanihan” is a Tagalog word for communal work. Plenty of charitable work are placed to action to help to les fortunate and labor workers.

How can you help?

With plenty of small businesses and individuals struggling though the pandemic, here are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Support Local – Go to your Facebook Market place or search for local business. Buying from them may cost a little more, but it will help them keep their stores open.
  2. Sharing is Caring – Order extra for your driver when ordering via a delivery app.
  3. Simply Donate – Send donations (even small ones), to help support the families of a small business.

We here in the DINS, are also accepting your heartfelt donations. The funds will be used to support the families of our DC-Team members and staff. Let us all heal as one!


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