Top 10 Famous Filipino Food to Try!

Philippine Cuisine

There are plenty of famous Filipino Food to try and must try when visiting the Philippines. We have made a top 10 list for you to showcase the most famous dishes that you can find everywhere in the country. Philippine cuisine is mainly inspired by the Spanish due to the long period of colonization that has tampered with the indigenous culture. However, there are plenty of food that was invented are were born due to colonization. Watch the video to find out which dish!

Depending on which part of the Philippine you travel, all these top 10 food are available. However, some may have a different names or slightly different ingredients. That should not stop you from trying out some of the great local cuisines. Let us know in the comments, what your favorite food in the Philippines is?!

Watch the Top 10 Famous Filipino Food to Try! (PHILIPPINES) here:

If you are a Filipino, then you should already know these dishes and agree that they are indeed famous all over the Philippines. Although the Philippine Cuisine had been modified and derived from many cultures that once colonized the country, Filipinos takes pride of what they made of of it. Let’s eat!

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