Miss Zamboanguita 2018

Zamboanguita – Negros Oriental

Miss Zamboanguita 2018 - Negros Oriental

The coronation night of the Miss Zamboanguita 2018 was held on May 12, 2018 at the gymnasium. For the record, this year’s Miss Zamboanguita 2018 is the first ever pageant DC-Team has covered in the municipality of Zamboanguita. We are grateful for the generosity and attentiveness of the different government offices of Zamboanguita for making our visit as convenient as possible.

Miss Zamboanguita 2018 – Coronation Night

The selection and coronation night of the Miss Zamboanguita 2018 is marked as one of the highlights during the Zamboanguita Fiesta. For this year’s pageant, nine candidates will be portraying their best version in order to get the votes from the audience and the judges. There are five major categories for judging the candidates (production, swimwear, gown, interview and talent).


The program started with of course the usual prayer and singing of the national anthem and town hymn. The lights slowly dimmed out and the music started to play. For the production number, the candidates dressed in a ‘Barbie’ inspired cocktail dress with sparkly pink top paired with a silver miniskirt.


After the candidates made their introduction, there were words of welcome and a few intermission numbers before the next round of the competition was made. The audience went crazy as they cheered and howled as if their cheer during the production number wasn’t enough. Who could blame them? The candidates were just flawless and well shaped.

With the heat rising up in the air, it was time to calm the atmosphere with the eye-catching round of the evening gown. To be called Miss Zamboanguita 2018, the candidate must possess poise, grace, beauty and of course wits. After walking so gracefully on stage, each of the candidate were question.

Thanks to the organization of the different government offices and pageant committee the program was done in just a matter of hours. With this, a new queen was crowned as Miss Zamboanguita 2018. Congratulations and Happy Fiesta Zamboanguita!!!

Congratulations Miss Zamboanguita 2018!!!

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