Miss Negros Oriental 2019

Coronation Night – Buglasan Festival 2019

Miss Negros Orietnal 2019 - Production Number

The search for Miss Negros Oriental 2019 was participated by 12 lovely candidates from the different cities and municipalities of the said province. In celebration of the Buglasan Festival 2019 or the Festival of Festival in Negros Oriental, the beauty and brain pageant plays an important role in the whole festivity. The Coronation Night of the prestigious pageant was held on October 15, 2019, at the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Complex.

Miss Negros Oriental 2019

The Miss Negros Oriental 2019 started with a lively production number from the candidates in their fiery red attire. The look is supposed to be inspired by the native “banig” or woven mats used as clothing. The native-inspired look is combined with the native touches of sequence and glitters. After the candidates danced, they introduced themselves and shouted with pride the municipality/city they were representing.

After the production number, the candidates went for a quick wardrobe change. The next part of the competition was the swimsuit /play wear attire. Not a lot of people really know what to call them, but the candidates made the best out of it with their good looks and hot curves. The dark maroon swimsuit is a long sleeve with a whole in the belly area. Do you find them sexy? Leave a comment in the section below!

A few intermissions were made after the swim wear/play wear competition. After a few minutes, the 12 ladies came back on stage in their red evening gowns. Each of the gowns were custom designs by the different designers in Negros Oriental. All of them were bold, hot, and beautiful! The question and answer portion were made shortly and now long, a new queen was crowned!

Congratulations Miss Negros Oriental 2019!

Miss Negros Orietnal 2019 - WINNERS
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