Mantuod Festival 2019

Manjuyod – Negros Oriental

Manjuyod - Mantuod Festival 2019 - Negros Oriental

The Mantuod Festival 2019 of Manjuyod was held on September 29, 2019. It was a beautiful and perfectly sunny day. Colors of orange, green, red and purple flooded the streets with the big smiles from the dancers. There were nine groups who joined this year’s street dancing and showdown competition. Although the DC-Team were a bit tired from the Sandurot Festival 2019 from the day before, the Mantuod Festival is always something we can squeeze into our schedule and enjoy. Here are some pictures of the street dancing and the showdown!

Mantuod Festival 2019 – Sweet Sweet Mangoes!

The history of the sweet mangoes of Manjuyod is said to be ancient. People from all over the Philippines would visit Manjuyod for their sweet variety of mango called “Tuod”. Hence, the name of the festival…Mantuod (mangang tuod). The DC-Team left Dumaguete City by 11:00 am and arrived at the Manjuyod plaza at before 1:00 pm. Perfect timing for some snacks then straight for the showdown competition. It was a hot sunny day. Good thing the Gymnasium provided a lot of shade for the VIPs and the rest of the audience.

Showdown &  Street Dancing

After the showdown, the different groups went to the streets and started to parade. Since there was no power, most of the people in public market closed their shops and watched the street dancing. The sun was perfectly angled and the golden rays made the festival costumes popped. The event could have not got any better! Special thanks to Manjuyod Mayor Dr. Felix A. Sy and the Tourism Office for inviting us to cover the event. Until next year!

Watch the Mantuod Festival 2019 Video here:

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