Concert on the Green

Just in the unlikely event you don’t participate in the Negros 100 Ultra Marathon, and have no other plans for the 14th of December, the “Contert on the Green” is a great event to support the local bands AND to do some good stuff in supporting the flood survivors.

Five local bands will perform during the concert. The headliner and highlight will be HOPIA which will also pre-launch their upcoming CD. The band is a mix of local musicians who found each other in jam sessions at different location. Everybody who just watches live-performances once in a while, will recognize some faces. HOPIA will be supported by JSquad, Ground Zero, Xaris and Nicky.Hopia-concert

The Concert on the Green will start at 7:00pm at the main campus of Foundation University.


Philippine Holidays 2014

President Aquino declared according to the Proclamation No. 655 the Philippine Holidays for 2014. The lists below show all regular, non-working, and special school holidays. The Holy Week in 2014 is from April 17 – April 20. Don’t forget to book early for those dates, just in case you want to use this time for travelling.

Philippine Holidays 2014

Regular Holidays in the Philippines 2014

January 1 (Wednesday) – New Year’s Day
April 9 (Wednesday) – Araw ng Kagitingan
April 17 (Thursday) – Maundy Thursday
April 18 (Friday) – Good Friday
May 1 (Thursday) – Labor Day
June 12 (Thursday) – Independence Day
August 25 (Monday) – National Heroes Day
Nov. 30 (Sun.) – Bonifacio Day
Dec. 25 (Tuesday) – Christmas Day
Dec. 30 (Tuesday) – Rizal Day

Special Non-Working Holidays 2014

January 31 (Friday) – Chinese New Year
April 19 (Saturday) – Black Saturday
August 21 (Thursday) – Ninoy Aquino Day
Nov. 1 (Saturday) – All Saints Day
Dec. 24 (Wednesday) – Christmas Special Non-Working Days
Dec. 26 (Friday)
Dec. 31 (Wednesday) – Last Day of the Year

Special School Holiday 2014

February 25 (Tuesday) – EDSA Revolution Anniversary

Additional regional holidays will be declared by the local Government as they want us to enjoy Buglasan 2014 and Sandurot Festival 2014.

Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima2

International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima visits Dumaguete

From December 03, 2013 to December 05, 2013 the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima will visit Dumaguete

International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

History of International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

The world-famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was sculpted in 1947 by Jose Thedim, based on the description of Sr. Lucia, one of the three young seers who saw Our Lady each month from May to October 1917 in Fatima, Portugal.

On October 13, 1947, in the presence of some 150,000 pilgrims, the statue was blessed by the Bishop of Leiria at Fatima, Portugal to be the pilgrim, the traveler.

Sent out to bring the Message of Fatima to the world, the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue has traveled the world many times, visiting more than 100 countries, including Russia and Red China, bringing the great message of hope, “the peace plan from heaven,” to millions of people. Many miracles and signal graces are reported wherever the statue travels including shedding tears many times.

Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

Itinerary for Dumaguete

December 03, 2013 Arrival

7:00AM – Carmelite Monastery
9:00AM – St. Paul University (SPUD)
1:00PM – Negros Oriental State University (NORSU)
5:00PM – Redemtionist Parish (overnight stay)

December 04, 2013

7:00AM – Cathedral Parish
1:00PM – St. Louis School – Don Bosco (SLS-DB)
5:00PM – Mary Immaculate Parish (overnight stay)

December 05, 2013

5:00AM – Cathedral Church (overnight stay)

December 06, 2013 – Departure

Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima2

Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima’s last visit in the Philippines was 2012, when she visited Luzon.

Donation for Yolanda Victims

Restaurant raises 51,452 Peso for Yolanda Victims

“Eat all you can – Pay what you want” was the theme of Casablanca Restaurant in the center of the Rizal Boulevard, to raise some money for the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

Casablanca Restaurant Gunther Sanin

Casablanca Restaurant Gunther Sanin

The buffet was sponsored by the Casablanca Restaurant and prepared by the students of DACA International, the only Culinary Arts School in Dumaguete offering international culinary education.

DACA Student Prepare Foods for Yolanda Donnors

DACA Student Prepare Foods for Yolanda Donnors

Chef-Teacher Tom and his students prepared an outstanding buffet which was the foundation for raising this unexpected amount of money.

Tourists, Expats and many local regular guests came to Casablanca Restaurant to “eat for a cause”. When the pot was opened the next day (under the watchful eye of a Warden of the British Embassy) Guenther Sanin counted 51,452.- Peso.

All donations will be given in form of relief goods to Yolanda Victims in need.
No cash will be given to victims or officials !

Sandurot Dancesport-competition 2013

Sandurot Dance Sport Competition 2013

Due to heavy rain late afternoon, the Dance Sport Competition 2013 started with a delay of 90 minutes, a very wise decision of the organizers. The participants need for their steps a dry stage to make sure that nobody slips and ruins their performance, or even worse, getting injured. Five participating pairs were judged in Cha Cha, Chive and Rumba.

Sandurot Fiestival Dancesport-competition

Sandurot Fiestival Dancesport-competition

Pictures of the Dance Sport Competition 2013

(click on pictures to magnify)

As it is a competition, there need to be winners. However, for us all participants were winner. Nowadays Dance Sport is not necessarily in the focus of the young generation; therefore it was great to watch this event and the enthusiasm for dance sport of all five pairs.

Sandurot Dancesport-competition 2013

Sandurot Dancesport-competition 2013



Mobile Passport Service in Dumaguete

Once again, the Provincial Government organized a Mobile Passport service in Dumaguete through its local PESO. If you need a new Filipino Passport or a renewal of your passport, you will have on November 18-22, 2013 at the Negro Oriental Convention center the option to apply for it.

Please check out the news about the development of the DFA Dumaguete Office (<– click )

The Mobile Passporting in Dumaguete can only serve 200 pax per day. First come, first serve. The fees for the application are only 1,200 PHP.


Filipino Passport Requirements

New applicant for a Filipino Passport


Renewal of Filipino Passport

– ORIGINAL AND PHOTOCOPY OF 1ST AND LAST PAGE OF PASSPORT – BIRTH CERTIFICATE (NSO) (FOR BROWN PASSPORT) – PHOTOCOPY OF LATEST DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL Once applied, it will take a few weeks until your Filipino passport is issued. You will get a date when it is ready to be picked up. Passports unclaimed after six(6) months will be cancelled. For inquiries and additional information about the Mobile passporting in Dumaguete from 18. – 22. November 2013, please get in touch with PESO:  Tel. # 225-1111 loc. 396

Please check out the news about the development of the DFA Dumaguete Office (<– click )

malapascua Yolanda Victim

Help the People Smile Again

We just want to share this video, as we believe it is very well done and just different. (put together by Tony Exall, owner at TXL Underwater Video, Director at Philippine Dive Holidays.)

With the big help of some friends, we are able to send direct help to Malapascua , an Island north of Cebu with no natural resources.

Rolf Mühlmann who is with Sea Explorers/Pura Vida and his team in Dauin was a huge help. They pick up our packs and take care of the transportation to Malapascua.

Also a great thank you to Asia Divers. They offered to pick up our donations from the Ceres Terminal in Cebu to get it to the drop point of HelpMalapascua.

Sea Explorer run also an operation in Malapascua. They were able to evacuate all their staff and families ahead of the typhoon.  But they lost everything. Some generous donations let us buy relief goods which include 700 pcs. cloths, 200 plates, buckets, pitchers, etc.

UniTops in Dumaguete gave us again a great discount, that all the money gets even a little bit further.

I hope we could add a little bit and…

Help the People Smile Again…

malapascua Yolanda Victim

malapascua Yolanda Victim

Sandurot Festival Dumaguete

Sandurot Festival 2013 – Dumaguete City Fiesta – Schedule of Events

Dumaguete City is getting ready for its 65th charter day. Only a few weeks after celebrating Buglasan, the Dumaguete Fiesta will once again attract visitors from all over Negros and the Philippines to celebrate the Sandurot Festival 2013. From November 16 – 25, 2013 countless celebrations, events, contests and parades will be held all over Dumaguete City. Theme for this year’s 65th Charter Day celebrations in Dumaguete City is:

Embracing The Global Culture, Enriching Local Tradition

Sandurot Festival – 65th Charter day Anniversary – Dumaguete City Fiesta  2013

Sandurot Festival Dumaguete

Sandurot Festival Dumaguete

Schedule of Events

November 16 2013

5:00am Sandurot Fun Run by City Government Officials, Employees. Tourism Stakeholders, led by Ike Villaflores  – Start: ILD Signage, Rizal Boulevard.

7:00am Zumba & Healthy Dancing Session led by Romero Pinero  – Quezon Park.

7:30am Interfaith Ecumenical Service led by Henry Zerna – Quezon Park.

7:45am Painitan sa Parke led by Henry Zerna – Quezon Park.

8:30am Opening of the Sandurot Trade Fair led by Jojo Fortin – Quezon Park.

9:00am Opening of the 3-day Sandurot Inter-Barangay Livelihood Booth Competition/ Farm Family Congress – Led by William Ablong/ABC – Quezon Park Southern Area

9:30am Opening of the Sandurot Garden Show led by William Ablong – Quezon Park.

5:00pm Sandurot Fun Ride led by Ike Villaflores – Rizal Boulevard.

6:00pm Opening Of the 10-day Sandurot Food Fest with SMB Live Band led By Anne Zerna – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)

8:00pm Presentation & Talent Night of Miss Dumaguete 2013 led by Woodrow C. Maquiling Jr. – Quizon Park Kiwanis Stage.

Dumaguete Fiesta Schedule of Events

November 17, 2013  

6:00am Sandurot Birik Birik Fishing Competition led by Mike Alano – Rizal Boulevard Waterfornt.

6:00am Healthy Dancing Marathon led by Romeo Pinero – ILD Signage @ Rizal Boulevard.

8:00am Sandurot Frisbee Competition & Sandurot Sport Day Clinic led by Ike Villaflores – Silliman Ballfield

8:00am Sandurot Street Soccer Fest led by Ike Villflores – Rizal Boulevard

9:00am Social Welfare Day  led by  CSWD – Quezon Park

1:00pm Sandurot Dog Show / Rice is Life Cook fest led by Dr. Socoro/FU – Robinson Place Al Fresco

7:00pm Sky Night: Pop Dance Competition led by GTD – Quezon Park Kiwanis

9:00pm SMB Live band  – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)

Dumaguete Sandurot Festival queen and king

Dumaguete Sandurot Festival queen and king

November 18, 2013

7:00pm Sandurot Singing Idol Competition led by Jun Claros – Quezon Park Kiwanis Stage

9:00pm SMB Live Band – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)

November 19, 2013

5:00pm Sandurot  Regional Dance Sport Competition led by Julio Lacson – Quezon Park Kiwanis Stage

9:00pm SMB Live Band – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)

November 20, 2013

7:00pm Sandurot Inter- School Folkdance competition led by Angelo Sayson – Quezon Park Kawanis

9:00pm SMB Live Band – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)

November 21, 2013

7:00pm Atong Kabilin-Harana Sing & Dance Contest led by Jessica Layumas – Quezon Park

9:00pm SMB Live Band – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)

Dumaguete charter day sandurot feistival

Dumaguete charter day sandurot feistival



November 22, 2013

8:00pm Miss Dumaguete Pageant Night led by Woodrow C. Maquiling Jr. – Negros Oriental Convention Center

9:00pm SMB Live Band – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)

November 23, 2013

6:00am Sandurot Dualthlon led by Ike Villaflores – Start:ILD Singage, Rizal Boulevard.

4:00pm Sandurot Street Dancing led by DepEd – Start: Robinson Place GoHotel Area

6:00pm Sandurot Showdown Competition led by GTD in ILD Signage, Rizal Boulevard.

9:00pm Globe Night StreetParty – ILD Signage, Rizal Boulevard

9:00pm SMB Live Band – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)



November 24, 2013

8:00am Charter Day Thanksgiving Mass led by Mae Buenavista – Quezon Park.

9:00am Sandurot Grand Halad Pasalamat sa Dumaguetenos: Medical Mission and Health & Wellness Day led by GTD in Quezon Park.

3:00pm Charter Day Celebration Grand City-wide Parade led by Hon. Sayson – Start: Queazon Park/End: Boulevard.

6:00pm Earth Day Jam featuring National Music Celebrities led by Lou Bonevie – Robinson Main Atrium.

8:00pm ABS-CBN Kapamilya Caravan led by ABS-CBN – Quzon Park Kiwanis Stage

9:00pm Smart Kumbira sa Boulevard led by Roy Bustillo – Rizal Boulevard

November 25, 2013

6:00am Sandurot GUD Motorized Banca Race led by GUD – Rizal Boulevard waterfront

8:00am Fiesta Day Thanksgiving Mass led by PPC in Cathedral Church

5:00pm Outstanding Dumaguetenon Awards led by William Ablong in Hotel Essencia.

8:00pm GMA Night – Quezon Park Kiwanis Satge

9:00pm SMB Live Band – Rizal Boulevard (Shakey’s Area)

Happy Fiesta Dumaguete



Schedule of Events for the Sandurot Festival and the Dumaguete City Fiesta 2013 may change without prior notice

dumaguete rescue-348 helps

Dumaguete City well prepared

A big thank you to all departments of the City and the various Rescue Teams which were not only on stand-by during the storm. Many had some sleepless days and nights ahead of the Typhoon. They cut trees, evacuated people as a precaution and gave a helping hand whenever needed.
Dumaguete City Rescue 348

One team of the Dumaguete City Rescue 348 came to our Barangay to cut some trees which wouldn’t withstand the storm. As it happens, we had a huge, but dead avocado tree in our garden which we had scheduled to be cut this coming week by a private company. With the Typhoon coming in, we were very concerned. If that tree goes down in the storm it would damage three residential buildings.

dumaguete rescue 348 at work

dumaguete rescue 348 at work

With the assistance of Syril Repe and the Dumaguete Information Office, a team of the Dumaguete City Rescue 348 came Thursday morning and took down the dead tree.

dumaguete rescue-348 helps

dumaguete rescue-348 helps

The guys and girls of Rescue 348 did an outstanding job. With professional equipment, thoughtful planning to avoid unnecessary damage, and always smiling, they worked together as a great team .



This team stands representative for all helping hands and offices, who were working together to prepare Dumaguete City for the incoming Typhoon.

dumaguete rescue 348 team Well Done Job. Thank You so much

dumaguete rescue 348 team Well Done Job. Thank You so much

Thanks to all of you!

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) on the Way

Last update – Saturday morning 7:00 am

Dumaguete was lucky and well prepared. The City Government evacuated some people from the riverbanks and brought them to different safe places as a precaution. The Rescue Teams of the City were all in stand-by. Actually they were busy the days before. Several Teams were cutting trees which might not withstand the strong winds Haiyan (Yolanda) would bring.
From here on we will NOT proceede with this topic. There is enough drama spread all over the internet, a lot of it just copy-paste. A lot of it simple useless stuff which does not help anyone.
Instead of wasting 30 PHP in an internet-cafe or for load, buy a kilo of rice and bring it to the drop-points all over the country

We will try to get more useful information about Dumaguete- specific emergency procedures and assistance in case if needed. Use the contact form if you need any specific information and we will try to get it for you. You can find one list with emergency contact numbers here.

dumaguete rescue 348 team Well Done Job. Thank You so much

dumaguete rescue 348 team Well Done Job. Thank You so much

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) passed some 100 km north of Dumaguete at 11:30 am. Dumaguete was, like predicted, well out of the way and experienced some winds, which were not that strong. It also brought less rain. The rivers did not overflow and the winds caused no big damage.  The power was cut of from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Telephone and Cellphones were still functioning.

The city and the people of Dumaguete were better prepared compared to the last storms and typhoons which passed or hit the region. It appears that all learned from the hard lessons we had to learn in previous years. Thankfully, the typhoon spared us out this time.

Other regions in the Philippines were less lucky. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Update  – Friday 1:00 PM

The eye of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) has past in the north. In Dumaguete we had a bit a stiff breeze so far. Also not much rain so far. Absolutely nothing which does not happen 10 times a year. Lets wait what will happen the next 2-3 hours…

 Friday 6 :00 AM – Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)  – Update

No changes in Dumaguete, still in the range of windspeeds of a tropical depression.

Haiyan Yolanda  update friday -6am

Haiyan Yolanda update friday -6am

Update Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)  – Thursday 6 :00 PM

Not much has changed in the prediction

Haiyan Yolanda update thursday 6pm

Haiyan Yolanda update thursday 6pm

Update Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) – Thursday 6:00 AM

The latest track update shows another tiny chance. No change for Dumaguete, though. Still stong winds and rain, but no direct hit. However, Boracay is still directly on the track. Also another Top-Tourist-Destination of the Philippines is now in the direct path of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). The wreck-diving paradise of Coron might get a severe hit.


Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Update  – Wednesday 6:00 PM

The track prediction of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) changed slightly. But really just a tiny notch to the north. What is good for us in Dumaguete might be really bad for Boracay. The last 6:00 pm prediction shows the typhoon hitting Boracay in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Haiyan Yolanda update-wed-5am

Here is the latest track-prediction. The Typhoon slowed a bit down, but picked up on windspeed and is now a category 4 Typhoon.


We are aware that many locals and some foreigners are experts in spreading panic and enjoying to be the sources of dramas.. But as of now, there is no reason to run around like chicken without heads. If the typhoon changes direction, we will notice that in time.

Be prepared but don’t spread panic because you heard something from someone who has a huge fantasy.  If the typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) will keep this track, Dumaguete will experience some strong winds and heavy rain. We will NOT be hit by the typhoon directly. Winds will reach around 65-80 kilometer per hour.

Haiyan Yolnada update wednesday -5pm

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) update – Wednesday 5:00 AM

The Typhoon keeps its predicted Track and is now south of Yap.

Haiyan yolanda update wednesday -15am

While there was no reason, other than utter laziness of the people in charge, to skip school on tuesday (the storm passed  Dumaguete on MONDAY at 7pm … 12 hrs earlier), the next storm is on the way. A tropical storm already transferred into a typhoon called Yolanda. The local name for the Typhoon is Haiyan.

Typhoon Hayan 2

Haiyan formed in the Western Pacific

Track Prediction  Typhoon Hayan

Track Prediction Typhoon Hayan

On Tuesday the Typhoon formed south of the Marina Islands and is on its way towards the Philippines. Haiyan will reach Central Philippines Friday afternoon. It will carry a wind gust over 125 mph and deteriorate as it goes through the island country. Haiyan will approach the Philippines on Friday. The most likely scenario is that Haiyan will be a very powerful typhoon with wind gusts over 125 mph as it approaches the central Philippines. (source Accuweather). Rain and increasing wind will reach the central Philippines Friday afternoon and conditions will deteriorate from east to west Friday night into early Saturday as the powerful typhoon crosses the islands.

JTWC predicts Haiyan/Yolanda to be Supertyphoon

Meanwhile, the JTWC, an agency of the US Department of Defense, already categorized Haiyan as a supertyphoon with wind speeds of 241 kph.

Typhoon Yolanda Haiyan in Tacloban hits

Track Prediction of Typhoon Haiyan – Nov. 5 at 4:00 pm (click picture to enlarge)