Buglasan 2014 – Folkdance Competition

The Buglasan 2014 Folkdance Competition was a colorful event held last night on the Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park Stage. Even the weather was on the side of the organizers. The few clouds which caused some rain an hour before the even started were blown away and the groups could perform their Spanish influenced dances as planned.

Folkdance Competition - Buglasan 2014

Backstage at Buglasan 2014 – Folkdance Competition

Folkdance Competition - Buglasan 2014


The competition started only with a slight delay. The few empty places in front of the stage were filled quickly and the folkdance groups in their colorful costumes were ready to enter the stage.

Folkdance Competition – Buglasan 2014

Folkdance Competition - Buglasan 2014

The Ballroom Dancing Competition


results falk dance & ballrom



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