Valencia – Christmas Tree Lighting 2021

Valencia Christmas Tree Lighting 2021

The municipality of Valencia in Negros Oriental held its early Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony last October 16, 2021. The short ceremony started with a prayer, singing of the National Anthem, and a quick speech from Valencia Mayor Engar Teves. People all over Negros Oriental came to witness the lighting ceremony. While waiting, they ate at the Sibaan. A small food station with different stalls with local cuisines.

Christmas in October

With the ongoing pandemic, the DC-Team has not been out in a lot of events. Thankfully, we were able to make it to the lighting ceremony. Even though it is a bit early to celebrate Christmas, the event surely made people around the town plaza happy and in awe. We had a quick chat with the mayor, and he told us that it would be a waste of they just place their Christmas Tree in December and take it down the next month. This way, people can be reminded of the Christmas spirit despite the global crisis of the pandemic.

It truly gave a lot of people the warm feeling of hope, cheerfulness, and camaraderie.

NOTE: Please be reminded to still wear your face masks/face shield, maintain social distance of at least 1 meter, and sanitize hands as frequent as possible. #StaySafe

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