Tawo Tawo Festival 2019

Bayawan City – Negros Oriental

Bayawan City - Tawo Tawo Festival 2019

Over the years, Tawo Tawo Festival of Bayawan City has captured many hearts and eyes. The term “tawo tawo” is the Visayan phrase that means scarecrow. The festival has a unique storyline of unity, nature, and faith. Today, Bayawan is the most progressive city in the southern part of Negros Oriental. There is usually a lot to see and do. One of it is the celebration of the Tawo Tawo Festival and the Bayawan City Fiesta.

Tawo Tawo Festival 2019

There is not much to say about the Tawo Tawo Festival 2019. The DC-Team traveled all the way from Dumaguete City early in the morning and arrived just before lunch. Bayawan City is about two hours and a half drive from the capital of Negros Oriental.

There were seven groups of performers for this year’s Tawo Tawo Festival 2019. Since the festival is just a celebration and not a competition, the group of performers used the same costumes from the years before. The adrenaline rush from the dancers did not fill the atmosphere during the assembly; nor the actual street dancing and showdown.

The weather was not the brightest nor the sunniest. The street dancing started around 3 o’clock in the afternoon at the Bayawan Boulevard. Looking at bright side of things, at least it did not rain.

There was really not much to say about the Bayawan Tawo Tawo Festival 2019. The DC-Team hopes that everyone else enjoyed it.

Happy Fiesta Bayawan and Happy Tawo Tawo Festival 2019!!!

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