Tapasayaw Festival 2022

Hudyaka sa Bais City

Tapasayaw Festival 2022 in Bais City is back after two years since the pandemic started. Five groups participated in this year’s street dancing and showdown competition. It was fun and great to see the colorful festival costumes and to hear the drums being played along the streets of the city. Despite being a hot and sunny day, all the performers gave their best to put on a great show for the people of Bais and the different guests from all over the province. For those who are not familiar with the Bisaya dialect, the term “tapas” means to cut or harvest. Meanwhile, the term “sayaw” means dance. Bais City is known to be one of the biggest producers of sugar cane in Negros Oriental. As homage to this, the city created a festival for it.

Watch the Tapasayaw Festival 2022 Street Dancing and Showdown here:

Daisy Brust – Editor & Cameragirl
Kim Nator – CEO & Coordinator

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