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Bayawan Tawo tawo festival 2013 nice smile

Buglasan Street Dance Competition and Parade 2013

The highlight of each year’s Buglasan celebration in Negros Oriental is the Street Dance Competition. Of course the Buglasan 2013 Street Dance Competition made no difference. Many thousand spectators lined up on the streets of Dumaguete to watch the competitors.

The Buglasan 2013 Street Dance Competition had 6 contestants, all of them in wonderful costumes with a great choreography. Some connected to the tradition of the region, some theme-based.

It already has been a long day for the groups. They started early morning to show their performance at the Festival Showdown at the Lamberto Macias Sports Complex. After a quick lunch, re-doing the male-up and resting a bit, they lined up in Hibbard Avenue to start the Buglasan 2013 Parade.

The weather was perfect. The sun was smiling and also watching the participants as they started the parade around 2:00pm. Towards the middle of the Street Dance Parade it got a bit cloudy, what was actually nice for the performer, as their job was already hard enough. … the wonderful smiles of the lovely ladies of Negros Oriental shined more than any sun could do anyway.

Bais at the Buglasan 2013 Street Dance Competition

Buglasan 2013 Street  Dance Parade

The first group came from Bais City with a great choreography, even high above the power-lines of Dumaguete.(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Jimalalud at Buglasan 2013

Jimalalud Buglasan 2013 Street Dance Parade

The group of Jimalalud, representing the Hambabalud Festival had probably the most colorful performance . Enjoy the pictures below.(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Santa Catalina at Buglasan 2013Santa Catalina Pakol Festival

The stars of Sta. Catalina were like last year the small monkeys, which rolled all over the place entertaining the guests of this year’s Buglasan Festival from all over the Philippines.


Bayawan at Buglasan 2013Buglasan 2013 Bayawan Tawo Tawo festival

Despite the flooding not long ago, the City of Bayawan joined the Street Dance Competition with a very entertaining performance, representing the Tawo Tawo Festival

San Jose at Buglasan 2013San Jose at Buglasan Festival 2013

San Jose, representing the Ayuquitan Festival was the smallest group, but showed a lot of energy which made easily up for the smaller number of participants.

Tanjay at Buglasan 2013

Tanjay Saulog Festival

Last but not least came the Street Dance Group representing the Saulog Festival of Tanjay. With a lot of participants in different sections, Tanjay was a great competitor.

Winner of the Buglasan Street Dance Competition 2013

There was not only one winner, there were thousands of them. Each and every one who came to watch the Street Parade of Buglasan 2013 dancing through the streets of Dumaguete City is a true winner and surely went home with a big smile.

Apologies if a picture went into a wrong group, just write us a note and we will change that.

From our side many thanks to all the participants who performed exceptional, gave us their biggest smile and worked so hard to perform at the Buglasan 2013 Street Dance Competition.

Miss Negros Oriental Tourism 2013 Monica Infante Bartsch

Miss Negros Oriental Tourism 2013

Buglasan started with a great event. The Miss Negros Oriental Tourism 2013 contest was hold on the stage of Freedom Park.

Miss Negros Orienta Tourism2013

Miss Negros Orienta Tourism2013

Eleven lovely candidates competed for the title.This years winner comes from Dumaguete City.

Miss Negros Oriental Tourism

Miss Negros Oriental Tourism

The Miss Negros Oriental Tourism 2013 event was well organized and started on the spot at 8:00pm (in Filipino time. The eleven contestants greeting the audience not only with words but also with a lovely smile.

Negros Oriental Miss Tourism 2012

Negros Oriental Miss Tourism 2012

(click on the pictures to magnify)

Miss Tourism 2013 Production Number

(click on the pictures to magnify)

The Gown Competition

The Gown Competition

(click on the pictures to magnify)

At 11:00pm (real time), Monica was crowned as the new Miss Negros Oriental Tourism 2013. Monica is a lovely young lady, which we know already since a while. Not from her participation in the Miss Dumaguete 2012, but from her support great support for a charity Christmas project we are involved. She helped us to visit the kids admitted to Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital at Christmas last year, to give each and everyone of them a Christmas gift. Truly a great ambassador for Negros Oriental. Congratulations again to

  MissNegros Oriental Tourism 2013 – Monica Infant Bartsch

Miss Negros Oriental Tourism 2013 Monica Infante Bartsch

Miss Negros Oriental Tourism 2013 Monica Infante Bartsch



Buglasan 2013 – Calendar of Events

The province of Negros Oriental is preparing for Buglasan 2013 which will be celebrated from October 11 to 20, 2013. The Events will take place at the capitol Grounds, the freedom park, the Sidlakan Negros Village and the Rizal Boulevard. The Street dancing competition and parade will dance its way through the streets of Dumaguete as well as the Civic Parade on the opening weekend of Buglasan 2013.
Theme of Buglasan 2013 is “Sustaining Growth Unity Among The Negrenses”

Buglasan 2013 Calendar of Events October 11 to 20, 2013

Schedule for October 11, 2013 Friday

05:00pm Buglasan Ecumenical service at the Capitol Forecourt

05:30pm Buglasan Opening Salvo Production at the Capitol Forecourt

08:00pm Miss Negros Oriental Tourism at the Freedom Park Stage

11:00pm Grand Fireworks Display by DSS at the Capitol Grounds

Live band at the Freedom Park.
Events on October 12 2013 Saturday

08:00am Lutong Garbo at the Provincial Agriculturist Office

02:00pm Grand City-Wide Civic Parade with Marching Band Competition at Dumaguete Streets

05:00pm Opening SNV BOOTHS at The Sidlakan Negros Village

07:00pm GMA Night at Sidlakan Negros Village

08:00pm Children’s Choir Competation at Freedom park, Minus-one Singing Competition Senior

At Freedom park.

Duet Competition Senior Division at Freedom Park.

10:00pm Live band at Freedom Park.
Buglasan 2013 schedule for October 13, 2013 Sunday

6:00pm Rondalla Competition Junior Division at Freedom Park

Kumparsa Competitions at Freedom Park

Balak, Balitaw Competitions at Freedom park

10:00pm Live Band at Freedom Park.
Buglasan 2013 Events on October 14, 2013 Monday

07:00pm Bulilit Minus-one Singing Competitions at Freedom Park Duet Bulilit Division at Freedom Park

11:00pm Live Band at Freedom Park
Schedule for October 15, 2013 Tuesday

07:00pm Rap Competition at Freedom Park, Pop Dance Competition at Freedom Park.

11:00pm Live Band at Freedom Park
Events on October 16, 2013 Wednesday

07:00pm Live Band Competition at Freedom Park

12:00pm Live Band at Freedom Park

Buglasan 2013 Schedule for October 17, 2013 Thursday

06:30pm Folk Dance Competition at freedom Park

Ballroom Dancing Competitions Junior & Senior Divisions at Freedom Park

10:00pm Live Band at Freedom Park.
Buglasan Events on October 18, 2013 Friday

08:00am Buglasan Festival of Festivals Showdown at Lamberto L. Macias Sport & Cultural Center

02:00pm Buglasan Festival of festival Street Dance at Dumaguete Streets

05:30pm Palkwela Game Show at Sidlakan Negros Village

08:00pm Buglasan Festival King & Queen Pageant at Freedom Park

10:00pm Live Band at freedom Park
Schedule for October 19, 2013 Saturday

08:00am “Ironman IV” Negros Oriental Endourocross Rally @ Tayasan- Mabinay-Bayawan

Buglasan Jobs Fair @ Negros Oriental Convention Center

Under Water Photo Contest @ Sidlakan Negros Village Gallery

10:00am Smart Activities @ Rizal Boulevard

07:00pm ABS-CBN Night @ Rizal Park Boulevard

08:00pm Smart Night @ Rizal Boulevard

09:00pm Kasikas sa Boulevard, Part1 @ Rizal Boulevard

Fireworks Competition, part1 @ Rizal Boulevard

09:00pm Live Band @ Freedom Park
Buglasan 2013 Events on October 20, 2013 Sunday

05:00pm Awarding & Thanksgiving Ceremonies @ Capitol Forecourt

07:00pm Under Water Photo Contest Award @ Capitol Forecourt

Cleanest & Greenest School Award @ Capitol Forecourt

LGU Booth Awards @ Capitol Forecourt

09:00pm Kasikas sa Boulevard, Part2 @ Rizal Boulevard

Fireworks Competition, Part2 @ Rizal Boulevard.


Happy Buglasan 2013

Mr & Mrs Buglasan 2012

Mr & Miss Buglasan 2012

Mr & Mrs Buglasan 2012

Last nights Mr & Mrs Buglasan 2012 competition, and what a colorful event it was. While the seats in the audience were filling up, we sneaked backstage to get some shots of the candidates.

When the candidates entered the stage, they were welcome with loud cheers from the audience. They all looked stunning and we could not decide who should win. But judge yourself who is your:

Mr & Miss Buglasan 2012

Buglasan Civic-Parade 2012

Buglasan 2012 – Civic Parade

The sun was smiling, when the Buglasan 2012 Civic Parade made its way through the hot, blistering streets of downtown Dumaguete. Check out some of our pictures of the colorful parade here:

Buglasan 2011 - Showdown

Buglasan 2011 – Sidlakan & Showdown

Like each year, the booths at Buglasan 2011 were stuffed with arts, culinary delights and especially people. However, we found some free spots to make some nice snapshots for you to enjoy. First…

In the Booths at Sidlakan Negros Village

Buglasan 2011 Showdown

Of course the Showdown of Buglasan 2011 was the highlight together with the streetdance competition. We just could make a few snapshots and hope you still enjoy them:

Thanks to all participants and organizers to present us this great show

Buglasan 2013 - King & Queen Competition

Buglasan street parade dumaguete

Buglasan 2011 – Street Dance Parade

Buglasan street parade dumaguete

Buglasan Festival 20111 Street Dance Parade

The Street Dance Parade of Buglasan 2011 was under a wonderful blue sky. This was great for the thousands of spectators of this years colorful parade, but very hard on the participants. Nevertheless, they try not to lose their smiles and performed their excellent dances multiple times while parading through the streets of Dumaguete City.

Pictures Buglasan 2011 – Streetdance ParadeBuglasan 2011 dumaguete Boulevard


Buglasan 2011 dumaguete sea port

Buglasan-Negros-Oriental-2010 parade

Buglasan 2010 Parade – Negros Oriental

Like each year, the street-dance competition was the highlight of this years Buglasan parade 2010. Lovely ladies, colorful costumes, great choreography and thousands of cheering spectators along the streets of Dumaguete City enjoyed this event.

Buglasan Negros Oriental 2010

Buglasan Negros Oriental celebraty

We all look forward to the next celebration, the Dumaguete City Fiesta.