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Miss Bayawan 2018 - Production Number

Miss Bayawan 2018

The Miss Bayawan 2018 Beauty pageant plays an important role in the fiesta celebration of Bayawan City in Negros Oriental. It was celebrated on February 17, 2018, at the Kan-anay area of the Bayawan Boulevard Area. Click here to read more and view the galleries!

Video of Miss Bayawan 2018

The search for Miss Bayawan 2018 was nothing else but a grand and successful event. Watch the highlights of the beauty pageant here!

Tawo Tawo Festival 2018-Schedule of Activities

Tawo Tawo Festival 2018 – Schedule of Activities

It’s yet again time to celebrate the annual Tawo Tawo Festival in the city of Bayawan. For this Tawo Tawo Festival 2018, the days of February 04-27, 2018 will be filled with different events such as street dancing, sporting events, Miss Bayawan and a lot more! Click here to read more and see schedule of activities.

Tawo Tawo Festival 2017 - Bawayan City

Tawo Tawo Festival 2017 – Bayawan City

Visitors from all over Negros and the Philippines will travel to Bayawan City to celebrate the Tawo Tawo Festival 2017. Find here the schedule of activities

Miss Bayawan

Miss Bayawan 2015

Miss Bayawan

The Miss Bayawan 2015 beauty pageant was held on the IBC grounds (Integrated Business Center). It was split into two events, the talent night and the coronation night. The Miss Bayawan Talent Night was held on February 15th in front of a patiently waiting crowd. The Coronation Night took place the following evening. When the talent night finally started, the eight candidates entered the stage in what the organizer called “play-dress”.
Miss Bayawan 2015 Talent Night

Miss Bayawan Talent Night

After -what appeared never ending- speeches, introductions and intermissions it was time for the Miss Bayawan 2015 candidates to show their talent. With all respect to the effort the candidates put into their performance, it appeared that they rather do something their handler want, but not something they are talented in. Our office goldfish shows more talent when playing piano than what we witnessed on the IBC stage. Maybe nowadays talents are limited to speed-texting and clicking “Like” on social networks, both not suitable for a big stage. Anyway, here some pictures:

An event like this can’t be held without many hand working together. Following some of them:

Miss Bayawan 2015 – Coronation Night

Miss Bayawan 2015 Coronation Night was clearly on a much higher level compared to the happenings just 24 hours earlier at the Talent Night. To get the audience at the packed IBC grounds into the right mood the eight candidates presented themselves in stunning Tawo-Tawo costumes.

Miss Bayawan 2015 Coronation Night

Miss Bayawan Swimsuit & Business attire

The business attire round as well as the candidates in swimsuits were next to be on stage.

Miss Bayawan

Miss Bayawan 2015 – Evening Gown

Not “50 Shades of Grey”, but any variation of blue was the color for the gowns the candidates presented themselves on the stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Make your own pick who would be your winner of the titla.

Miss Bayawan

Congratulations to Miss Bayawan 2015

Miss Bayawan 2015 - Justine Rose Cabanban

Miss Bayawan 2015 – Justine Rose Cabanban