Tawo Tawo Festival 2018

Bayawan City | Negros Oriental

As part of the fiesta celebrations in Bayawan City, it is essential to celebrate the Tawo Tawo Festival 2018 Street Dancing and Showdown. The tawo tawo is the Visayan term for scarecrows. Back in olden day, Bayawan was known for producing fine crops such as rice. But when groups of crows feasted upon the fields, the economy of the city downgraded. Being a religious city, the people turned to faith and their patron saint St. Tomas Villanueva. With the help of the scarecrows, Bayawan City became once again a progressive and abundant place for harvest.

Watch the Tawo Tawo Festival 2018 Video below:

Being one of the progressive cities in Negros Oriental, Bayawan City is indeed a place of wonders and fun. The Tawo Tawo Festival of Bayawan City is celebrated every February. It is just one of the different things to see and do in Bayawan City. Come and Visit Bayawan City in Negros Oriental, where the fun starts…naturally.

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