Soban Korean Restaurant in Dumaguete City

Food Trip Video

Soban Korean Restaurant in Dumaguete City is located at the North Road across the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital. Ideally one visits as a group as you are able to try more different foods. Inspired by Korean cuisine and dishes, Soban is known for its homely service and great food! As part of our adventures, the DC-Team decided to try how delicious the food of Soban Korean Restaurant really is.

Watch the Food Trip to Soban Korean Restaurant in Dumaguete City Video below:

Food Ordered and Featured in the Video:

  • Kimchi Jjigae
  • Gimbap
  • Osam Bulgogi
  • Jeyuk Bokeum
  • Rice

While dining in and out of Dumaguete City is part of experiencing the core of wellness, there are many other things to see and do! Check out the Tourist Spots in Dumaguete City and the Tourist Spots in Negros Oriental!

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