Rondalla and Kumparsa

Traditional Filipino Music – Video

The Philippines is known for its diverse culture. With over seven thousand islands, there is diversity not only in culture but in food, clothing, and music. The Rondalla and Kumpursa are two of the most known form of traditional Filipino Music. The Rondalla is a type of traditional ensemble with different string instruments of various sizes. The music produced by the conductor of a Rondalla is more formal and dramatic. Kumpursa, on the other hand, is a type of traditional stringed ensemble that plays in a form of a folk-dance interlude. Nowadays, these types of Traditional Filipino Music are mostly played on special occasions such as festivals and shows.

Watch and enjoy the Rondalla and Kumparsa video below:


The video above was taken during the Buglasan Festival of Negros Oriental. Other traditional Filipino music that are played during this grand festival are the Balitaw and Balak. The Balitaw is a form of music usually used in courtship. This music is composed of two singers, a male and a female who sings back and forth to tell a short story of courtship in a funny and lively way. A guitar or sometimes even an ensemble is used to accompany the song. The Balak on the other hand is a type of traditional Filipino fast speech. A person would deliver a message accompanied by smooth and melodious guitar music.

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