Sandurot 2013 – Streetdance and Showdown

The most colorful event of each year’s Sandurot Festival is the Street-Dance Parade, which peaks in the Street Dance Showdown. The last years, the showdown was held at the quadrangle just in front of the City Hall. This year the organizers moved it to the main stage in Quezon Park.  Another change was made with the competing participants. Usually the Barangays were competing at the Sandurot Festival with each other. Sandurot 2013 saw six different schools in the competition.

Sandurot 2013 streetdance

Sandurot 2013 streetdance

The Sandurot Street-Dance Parade started a little bit too late. When the participants danced along Perdices Street it was already too dark. Without natural daylight, the colorful costumes and their details were barely to see for the thousands of spectators along the route of the Sandurot 2013 Parade. Nevertheless, all participants gave their best. Some costumes and choreographic were simply spectacular.

Sandurot 2013 – Showdown Competition

All seats in front of the big stage were stuffed and thousands were watching the Sandurot 2013 – Street Dance Showdown on the huge screens and the SKY cable live broadcast on TV.

Sandurot Showdown Competion 2013

The Stage is ready for Sandurot Showdown Competition 2013

All six contestants were stunning and we were not be able to vote for one in particular. Each group had multiple WOW-moments. The entertainment factor was as high as it can get. Also the intermission numbers before the winner were announced did not fail to make the audience screen and shout. Therefore we simply post a whole lot of pictures below in no particular order. The real winner was once again everybody who had the chance to watch the Sandurot Street Dance 2013 Showdown at Quezon Park.

The Sandurot Showdown 2013 was certainly the highlight of a great Festival full of excellent events. Some of the experiment of the organizers worked out very good, some need a little bit adjustment and better organization. The big stage in Quezon Park was an absolute great invention as a center-piece of the Sandurot Festival 2013 and the Dumaguete City 65th Charter Day.

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