Miss Dumaguete 2013

The Miss Dumaguete 2013 Coronation Night took this year place in the Macias Convention Center instead of the Sports Complex. The eight finalists going through stressful weeks full of photo-shootings, interviews, visiting schools, tv- and radio station and charity projects. All that hard work led to the Miss Dumaguete 2013 night, where the candidates showed their best to become the successor of Frances Claire Vintola-Miss, our Dumaguete 2012.Miss Dumaguete 2013

The Convention Center was an adequate environment for the Miss Dumaguete 2013 Coronation Night and filled about half with the who is who in Dumaguete. Exactly at 8:00 pm (Filipino Time), the house-lights went out, to have the next 10 minutes in darkness, making all late visitors “guessing” for their place, as nobody had a torch to show them their seat. For all “normal” Dumaguetenos, who couldn’t afford the 100 PHP – 300 PHP entrance fee, SKY-cable organised a live-broadcast to Rizal Boulevard and Quezon Park, where a good crowd followed the event. Great Service, well done.

Miss Dumaguete 2013 Opening

Miss Dumaguete 2015

Here some pictures of the opening ceremony of Miss Dumaguete 2013 Coronation Night (click pictures to enlarge)

Miss Dumaguete Swim Wear

Next was the swim- wear round, which is always the favorite of all real men in the audience.

Following some pictures of VIPs, guests, organizers and acts on  stage. All were needed to make the Miss Dumaguete 2013 Coronation Night a great event.

Miss-Dumaguete-2013 VIP

The traditional Filipinana dress was the theme for the gowns.  Each candidate was wearing a dress in the color of their birth-stone, at least the audiance was told, until one of the contestants announced that they picked them randomly. Not that it really mattered, as they all looked graceful and simply stunning

Miss Dumaguete 2012 Kate Vintula

Finally the judges made their decision and the moment of truth moment had arrived. After the awarding of the minor and major prices, it was time to celebrate Miss Dumaguete 2013. Congratulations to  …

Miss Dumaguete 2013 – Lorraine Kendrickson

Miss Dumaguete 2013 Grand Coronation Night

Miss Dumaguete 2013 Grand Coronation Night


Miss Dumaguete 2013 Lorraine C. Kendrickson CORONATION

Miss-Dumaguete-2013 AWARDING and Coronation Night

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