Red Ribbon

Document Certification Verification and Authentication

Red Ribbon - DFA Document Authentication

Since May 2019 the Red Ribbon is replaced by the Apostille Document Authentication,
which is not processed in Dumaguete

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is mainly in charge to contribute national security and the protection of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Most importantly in the creation, disposal and renewal of Philippine passports in the country. Thousands of Filipinos are not given the opportunity to travel and work abroad. With the DFA Offices in the Philippines, more and more Filipinos are allowed to travel and work.

Despite having a passport, there are some countries that would still question the authenticity of a document. Luckily, the DFA Office do a fine job in certifying, validating and authenticating documents.

What is a Red Ribbon?

Red Ribbon documents are usually required when one applies for a job abroad, traveling or even transferring to an abroad school for verification and authentication. There are a number of documents the DFA can give authentication or in other terms a red ribbon. The process of getting a DFA has to go through CAV (Certification Verification Authentication).

Included in the list of documents accepted for Red Ribbon or authentication and validations are:

  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Barangay Certification with Mayor’s Certification
  • NSO issued documents in security paper including CENOMAR
  • Affidavits of Employment, Trainings/Seminars, and Baptism/Confirmation with Regional Trial Court (RTC) Certification
  • Other Notarized Documents (Special Power of Attorney, Affidavit of Support and Guarantee, Consent, etc.) with RTC Certification
  • Medical Certifications authenticated by Department of Health (DOH)
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Documents
  • Land Transportation Office (LTO) License Certification (issued by LTO main office only)
  • Foreign Documents authenticated by the Philippine/Consulate or documents authenticated byForeign Embassies/Consulate Generals based in the Philippines
  • School Records (Transcript of Records, Diploma, Form 137, etc.) with CHED, TESDA, or DEP-Ed Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV)
  • School Records with CAV issued by State Colleges and Universities

General Procedures for Red Ribbon Documents:

Step 1: Fill out the Red Ribbon Application Form
Step 2: Present your valid ID upon submission of the documents to the DFA Office
Step 3: Pay the Authentication Fees at the counter:

Php 100 / document (4 days processing)
Php 200 / document (1 day processing)

Step 4: Return the duplicate copy of the receipt to the processing window
Step 5: Claim the Authenticated document on the release date; simply present the machine-validated receipt at the releasing window

Requirements for Red Ribbon:

  • Birth / Marriage / Death Certificate
  • TOR (Transcript of Records) & Diploma
  • Form 137 & Diploma (High School & Elementary Level)
  • Certificate of Employment / Trainings / Seminars
  • DSWD Clearances
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Immigration Records
  • DSWD Clearances
  • Barangay Clearances
  • Foreign Documents
  • Business Registration and Other Documents issued by a Government Agency is a privately run website,
sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT the DFA office!
For ANY related question, get in touch with the DFA office!

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        • Daisy
          Daisy says:

          Again, since May 2019 the Red Ribbon is replaced by the Apostille Document Authentication, which is not processed in Dumaguete.

          However, YES you can send a representative to get your authentication certificate in certain DFA Offices. He or she must present:
          1.) Authorization letter from the owner; (For Minor Applicants- Original Special Power of Attorney executed by parent/s)
          2.) Photocopy of the owner’s ID (refer to the list of acceptable IDs below) bearing his/her signature; and
          3.) Photocopy and original copy of representative’s ID

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      Well, if you would at least put 2 cents effort in actually reading the very first 20 words of that article, you would know.
      However, as we are ever so helpful, you may get a Red Ribbon just next to the main entrance at Lee Plaza, that big department store in the city-center.
      Good luck and stay safe.

      • Rizza Ochiai
        Rizza Ochiai says:

        Hi, Rosario-DC team.
        I have no business here coz I was just looking for the meaning of Red Ribbon.
        However, your RUDENESS in answering people who were hoping for atleast a decent reply caught my attention.

        ROSARIO-DC TEAM whoever your web manager is, I think the people who needs your service deserves more than whoever he/she is.

        • Rosario - DC-Team
          Rosario - DC-Team says:

          Dear young lady,
          First of all, we are private operation and give all information for free. We do NOT offer any service, other than free information, which you probably also found on your quest for the meaning of Red Ribbon.

          Did you actually thank us for the FREE info you received? Nah, we didn’t think so. THAT is RUDE of you!

          Now let me also set you a bit more straight, about RUDENESS.
          RUDE is, if some commenters on this article do not even TRY to read AND understand some simple words and therefore wasting even more time of the people who put a lot of effort in, getting this information together.

          The complete IGNORNCE of some commenters to bold sentences like:
          Since May 2019 the Red Ribbon is replaced by the Apostille Document Authentication,
          which is not processed in Dumaguete

 is a privately run website,
          sharing information we gathered from the offices.
          We are NOT the DFA office!
          For ANY related question, get in touch with the DFA office!

          … and still asking complete irrelevant questions, because of their own laziness and ignorance, that is what can be called RUDENESS.

          Furthermore, we answered all comments to the best of our knowledge and pointed them to the answer. On one comment, we even had a second thought, as the person may look for a Red Ribbon Cake.
          She is asking almost 2 years after the Red Ribbon document-verification was phased out (as mentioned in the first 20 words).
          Therefore, she can only talk about Red Ribbon cakes. We even gave her a description, where to find it. We didn´t get a thank you for that… that is RUDE.

          You, young lady, who came here to get info, has nothing better to do than complaining and trying to tell us what to do. THAT is RUDE!
          So next time, before you try to tell others what to do, you may want to look first at your own backyard and fix what is wrong there.

          God bless and stay safe

  1. clyde
    clyde says:

    hello, pwede po ba mag pa red ribbon ng marriage cert ko ang isang messenger namin? would give him authorization letter? cant find the rules about it. tnx

  2. Jan Ronald
    Jan Ronald says:

    Rosario -DC- Team

    Ayusin mo pagsagot mo sa mga nagtatanong sa inyo. Oo, website nyo to pero magpakita ka ng professionalism na hindi naman mahirap ipakita kung professional ka naman talaga. Kung kaya mong magreply sa mga comment nila, kaya mo din sagutin mga katanungan nila. Mas mabilis mo pang masasagot mga tanong nila kesa sa pag rant mo. Kasalanan ba nila na itong walang kwentang website mo na to ang nakita nila sa paghahanap nila ng impormasyon? Ako din minalas at ito ang nakita ko, tapos nakita ko mga comment mong walang kwenta at patapon. Nasa posisyon ka para maka tulong tapos babastusin mo lang pwesto mo. Daig mo pa squatter sa pagsagot mo.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Good day!
      It is written in the first line of the article that our article that since May 2019 the Red Ribbon is replaced by the Apostille. It is also written in our article that we are NOT the DFA Office. We are just as rude as those who comment “How to get red ribbon?” or “i need schedule for appointment”. Imagine if you own a sari-sari store. You place a sign with “No Smoking” or “walang sigarilyo”. Then people still keep asking “Do you have cigarettes?”. Wouldn’t that be just rude, lazy, and annoying of them?

      On the other hand, you are right about one thing. We are in the position to help. However, we can only help those people who are smart enough to read and understand.

  3. ellen
    ellen says:

    Ask ko lang po, totoo po bang ang validity ng Red Ribbon is only 5 years? naka pag red ribbon nko noong 2015. Then, need ng employer ko dito sa Dubai an attested document ng TOR.
    What would be the requirements pag magpapa red ribbon ulit?

  4. Kent
    Kent says:

    Hello. May I ask how to reschedule an appointment for red ribbon, if it is possible? If not, can i be able to request another appointment? Do i need to cancel the first one?? Thank you po sa sasagot.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      The first line in the article in red, bold letters are:
      “Since May 2019 the Red Ribbon is replaced by the Apostille Document Authentication,
      which is not processed in Dumaguete.”

      Red Ribbon was phased out since 2019 and is replaced by Apostille Appointment and Verification System. For more information about online appointments, please get in touch with your booked DFA Office.


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