Rap & Hip-Hop Competition

Buglasan Festival 2017 – Negros Oriental – Philippines

Rap & Hip-Hop Competition – Buglasan Festival 2017

Monday night was the time to surrender the huge stage of Freedom Park to heavy bass beats, hard lyrics, and awesome artistic dance-moves. It was time for the Rap & Hip-Hop Competition of this year’s Buglasan Festival. We lost count of the participating groups from all over the province, but there were many and they were good.

The show started about 1 hour after the announced time of the schedule. While that might be considered normal and still in time, it led to the fact, that the Hip Hop Dance Groups were performing in the pouring rain on a rather slippery stage in front of a rather limited audience. What a shame that the organizers can’t get their acts together and do their job professionally and in a timely manner.

Cool rhymes and moves during the Rap & Hip-Hop Competition

The two MCs did a great job and were at least as energetic as the participants. Fast paced announcements without dragging too much time they lead through the show which was worth to watch.

Rap & Hip Hop - Buglasan Festival 2017 - Dumaguete City, Negros

As we, the DC-Team cover the Buglasan Rap & Hip-Hop Competition since many years, we can see how especially the dance groups developed a lot. A word of advice to the aspiring Rappers. While some of you think it may look cool to hold a mic the way you do, covering it with your fingers and shouting to the back of your hand is a bad habit and all your rhymes simply sound like “nomnomnomnomnom” … but then again, what do we know, maybe “nomnomnomnomnom” are the actual lyrics.

We had a good time before the sky opened its gates. Some of the performers showed indeed spectacular stuff and were truely entertaining. The DC-Team will surely be back for next the next Rap & Hip-Hop Competition at Buglasan 2018 hopefully in time and without rain.

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