Buglasan Festival 2017

Showdown – Street Dancing | Negros Oriental – Dumaguete City

Buglasan Festival 2017 Showdown

The most awaited part of the Buglasan Festival celebration is the actual Showdown and street Dancing Competition. This year, the Buglasan Festival Showdown and Street Dancing was nothing else but a big surprise for all. The Festival of Festival competition was held on October 20, 2017 at the Macias Sports and Cultural Complex with the cheering crowd from Dumaguete City, all over Negros Oriental and the Philippines and many guests and tourists from all around the world.


Buglasan Festival 2017 – Showdown Competition

Since we are in the Philippines, one would expect that most of the shows and programs are hours delayed from the given time. But not in the Festival of Festivals! The organizers did great job in facilitating the group contingents and the packed crowd to their respective areas so that the show would start as scheduled.


As mentioned earlier, this year’s Buglasan Festival Showdown and Street Dancing were full surprises. The first surprise of the event was that two municipalities made a comeback by participating in their first ever appearance in the whole Buglasan Festival celebration. The municipalities of Dauin and Valencia presented their town with the comeback performance of the Kinaiyahan Festival and Puhag Festival, respectively.

Buglasan Festival 2017 Street Dancing

Another surprise of the festival competition was that the Buglasan Festival Street Dancing was still held in the Macias Sports and Cultural Complex instead of the Dumaguete Streets. With the inconvenience of the strong stormy weather, the organizers took the bold decision of relocating the event. Despite the inconvenience of the weather, this did not stop the performers to perform their very best for the said festivity. To move the street dancing was certainly one of the few wiser decisions of he organizers.

Buglasan Festival 2017 Showdown-

All the groups made a remarkable impact in this year’s Buglasan Festival celebration. It would still have been nice if the concept of the street dancing was followed so that more people could have seen the parade. Whether in the streets or not, the Buglasan Festival 2017 Festival Competition was still a total blast! 

See you all next year in October again, when when we celebrate all together the

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