Rambones Festival 2016 in Valencia

Rambones Festival Valencia

Our visit at the Rambones Festival 2016 in Valencia was the first time we were attending the celebrations of this festivities,  which were founded by Father Sixto M. Bitangjol of San Pedro Academy. To say it right at the beginning, we enjoyed ourselves a lot and really had fun during the colorful street dancing as well as the showdown.

Rambones Festival

The four contingents from the different High School grades put a lot of energy and effort into their performance and the result did easily live up to performances of better known and more famous festivals. With a short delay, due to the very hot conditions the street dancing started and ended at the San Pedro Academy.

If there is one thing to criticize, it might be the people of Valencia. Not many left their housings to watch the dancers during their performance through the streets of the town. They really deserve a bit more applause. Maybe, because it is a relative new activity and a school festival, people don’t expect a lot and stay at home.  Let’s hope that our galleries here help a little bit to get the roads a bit more crowded next year.

Rambones Festival - San Pedro Academy

After the dancers returned to the School they had a short and well deserved break before the mass was held. Right after that it was time for the showdown of the Rambones Festival 2016 in Valencia. It paid out for all participants to have very experienced choreographers. All contingents did great and we would not want to be a judge and declare a winner.

However, the show was stolen by the youngest kids, which were in charge of the intermission number and were certainly among the cutest we have seen over the last few years.

Like many times, the real winner was everybody who was actually watching the Rambones Festival 2016 Street dancing and showdown. For the DC-Team it certainly has a spot on the “Must-Visit-Again” list for next year. Thanks to all organizers for providing us with the information and inviting us.

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