Pakol Festival 2019

Santa Catalina – Street Dancing & Showdown

Pakol Festival 2019 - Santa Catalina

The Pakol Festival 2019 Street Dancing and Showdown of Santa Catalina was nothing but a big success! With perfect blue skies and sunny weather, the DC-Team were able to capture the beauty of this unique festival. Heading out from the capital of Negros Oriental (Dumaguete City), the DC Team started traveling as early as seven in the morning.

Pakol Festival 2019 – Street Dancing & Showdown

As early as eight in the morning the eight groups of dancers started rehearsing, retouch of props and of course make up. By noon, the town plaza of Santa Catalina started to get crowded. Then by around two o’clock in the afternoon the street dancing of the Pakol Festival 2019 started. The street dancing parade went around the town plaza. Colors of red, orange, green and yellow flooded the streets. Monkeys and bananas filled the streets as well.

At around three in the afternoon, the street dancing was over and the next part of the festivity started…the showdown! After the respective prayer, singing of the Philippine National Anthem and of course the Santa Catalina Municipal Hymn, the showdown started!

Each of the candidates gave their best as their choreographer stood at the side giving signs and cheering them. The crown was also filled with supporters and cheerers. Despite the heat of the sun on the open grounds, they remained to watch the annual event of the Pakol Festival of Santa Catalina.

Despite the elections drawing in close, there were less politicians than we expected. Thus, the program was non-stop and went on a fast pace and a continues flow.

Watch the Pakol Festival 2019 Video below:

Happy Fiesta Santa Catalina! Viva Santa Catalina de Alexandria!

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