Pakol Festival 2016

Santa Catalina – Negros Oriental

Santa Catalina Pakol Festival 2016

The Pakol Festival 2016 of Santa Catalina was, as expected, another joyful and eye-catching event. With little monkeys dancing on the streets, more attention was caught from the viewers of the said festival.

Pakol Festiva

The route of the street dancing was held around the streets of Sta. Catalina Plaza on a hot Sunday afternoon. The organizers did all they can to settle the dancers under the heat of the sun in order to start on time. They successfully organized the 4 participating contingent on their respective places just in time for the scheduled street dancing. Even with only 4 participating performers, the Pakol Festival was still a blast as every performer gave their best.

Pakol Festival 2016 Showdown

Under the raging heat of the sun, the dancers still managed to smile at the audience and continued to dance gracefully. With big smiles, cheerful dancing and energetic music, the Pakol Festival never fails to please the crowd.

Pakol Festival 2016- Santa Catalina

The Pakol Festival of Santa Catalina is well recognized across Negros Oriental for winning the Buglasan Festival of Festival 3 times in a row. The Pakol Festival was also awarded as the Grand Slam Champion during the Buglasan Festival 2014.

In Santa Catalina, however, the search of the best Pakol Festival performer was quite difficult. All of the performers gave their best and all were equal in uniqueness and talent. For them, it is not about winning the title. It is the joy they can bring to the people of Santa Catalina and all their beloved viewers.

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