Miss La Libertad 2016

Miss La Libertad 2016--Pandanyag Festival-15

This year’s Miss La Libertad 2016 Pageant was once again successfully held a day before the Pandayag Festival date.

Pandanyag Festival of La Libertad, Negros Oriental is celebrated annually on April 28. Like in every municipality and city, different events are scheduled over several weeks, sometimes a whole month before the actual Fiesta date. The word Pandanyag originated from two word “Pandan” which means leaves and “Andag” which means beauty from the world “maanyag”.

Miss La Libertad 2016 – Beauty Pageant

The small delay of the start of the Miss La Libertad 2016 Beauty Pageant was this time not caused by late judges or contestants, but by the never ending stream of growing audience. Therefore, compliment to the organizer who had everything in place in time – which is rather rare – and was able to create huge interest for their event. Well done!

After the National anthem and the invocation, six lovely ladies were ready to hit the stage with their production number. Their colorful festival costumes were made from Pandan leaves and the big crowd got even more exited and cheering their hearts out and screaming for their favorite contestants.

A small welcoming message from the municipalities first lady Josy Limkaichong, right after the production number gave the ladies the time to take off their pandan leaves to get on their Bikinis for the next round. We need to give another compliment to the organizer at this point, as this were real Bikinis which looked sexy, but not offensive. Many cities and municipalities put the lovely ladies in weird outfits, call it beachwear just to be political correct.

This part of the Miss La Libertad 2016 Beauty Pageant made the crowd go nuts and the candidates did present themselves in a sexy professional way which showed that the outfit was nothing short of perfect for this round.

During the hot presentation of beach wear a round rain came to cool down the hot stage and cheering crowd for their favorite candidate.

Miss La Libertad 2016 Talent

While many pageants have talent night on a separate day, at Miss La Libertad 2016 pageant it was held during the coronation night.

After a short intermission number, the contestants presented themselves in their evening gown.  The audience continued to cheer like during a derby at a cockpit. We seriously can’t think back seeing a more excited crowd at any contest. The main-reason for that is surely the timely start of the event and the limited speeches and intermissions which usually have half of the crowd fall asleep anyway. That’s how a good organized event should be.

Contestants in their Evening Gowns

During the Q&A section and the final question the audience even had to be calmed down a little bit, as it was hard for the candidates to concentrate and to be heard by the judges.

The tension was huge before the winners were announced. Like always, our own favorite did not win the title. However, the newly crowned Miss La Libertad 2016 was a real surprise for most people in the municipality gym.

From our side congratulations to all involved for creating a great event and of course to Miss La Libertad 2016.

The big winners of the evening were the countless spectators at the gym. See you all again for the next event and thank you for inviting us.

Congratulations Miss La Libertad 2016

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