Yag Yag Festival 2016

Sibulan – Cangmating

The Yag Yag Festival 2016 of Barangay Cangmating in Sibulan was like each year a colorful event. Hundreds of cute crabs and even cuter crablets were dancing along the highway towards the showdown in Cangmating.

Yag Yag Festival 2016

Due to some road-construction on the original route of the street dancing this year’s assembly area was moved from the covered court next to the municipal hall of Sibulan further to the south in front of a subdivision. The organizers did their best to provide enough shadow for all dancers, but it was just not enough for so many participants. Let’s hope they can move the assembly back to the covered court for Yag Yag Festival 2017.

The Yag Yag Festival in Sibulan does not only stand out with the theme, what we recognize since many years is, that the contingents are usually very good organized and even better, all participants are smiling much more than at most festivals.

Now, despite the heat and the sun burning down, the performance of all 6 contingents were great. Even our photographer was sweating more than he could drink, he already told the boss to do the job again next year, as it is just great fun.

For us it really doesn’t matter who won the street dancing and the showdown of the Yag Yag Festival 2016. All did their very best and it was another outstanding Festival and a great Sunday afternoon.

Yag Yag Festival 2017

See you again at the Yag Yag Festival 2017

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