Ocean 6 – Women Who Swam Across Tañon Strait

Ocean 6- Starts Swimming cebu to Negros Oriental

The highlight event of Women’s Month this March could not compete to the historical achievement of the Ocean 6. A group of brave and strong women who swam across the 6.4 km waters of Tañon Strait from Liloan, Santander, Cebu to Sibulan, Negros Oriental. Aside from empowering other women, the Ocean 6 made a huge impact to raise awareness of ocean cleanliness as well.

Who are the Ocean 6?

Ocean 6 is a group composed of six women with different careers in life brought together by one cause and the love for the ocean. Three of the Ocean 6 swimmers are registered nurses, while one is a doctor (retina specialist), one is a admin leader of a call center agency and the other a school owner. In celebration of Women’s Month, Ocean 6 is a group who empowers women to do great things in life despite their age, career, height and even size! Ocean 6 believes that when women empower other women, incredible things happen!

(from left to right) Ocean 6 Swimmers: Ching Furbeyre, Frances Yap, Sheila Pabalate, Maru Rodriguez, , Flom Barot-Datoy and Monique Furbeyre

Watch a short interview with Dr. Frances Yap and Maru Rodriguez here:

Journey to Creating History

A day before the actual event, loads of preparation were made. The DC-Team along with the Ocean 6 and One Rescue and other supporting groups gathered around the Sibulan Seaport to catch a ferry to Liloan, Santander, Cebu; which only took less than half an hour. The whole pack immediately set forth to Pebble Beach Resort, where we all stayed overnight. A short meeting with the Coast Guards and Bantay Dagat was made for finalization. This was followed by dinner then straight to getting a good night rest.

As early as three in the morning, some of the group started preparing. It not until past 5 when the swimmers warmed up and made their preparations along the shore of the beach resort in Santander. Once everyone was in place and final preparations were made, the Ocean 6 swimmers prayed and boosted each other. The whistle blew and the start of making history was made.

History Made!

The swim across 6.4 km stretch of waters took three hours of great physical and mental strength…but above all great determination. The women of Ocean 6 arrived at the finishing area in Sibulan, Negros Oriental and made their final acknowledgments and thank-you speeches. The DC-Team are thankful for the invitation of this historical event.

What better way to celebrate Women’s Month and women empowerment than by showing the determination of crossing 6.4km water? You all deserve our sincere respects, way to go girls!!!

Watch the Ocean 6 Cross the Tañon Strait here:

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