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Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018 - Evening Gown Competition

In celebration of the Pasayaw Festival 2018 and the City Fiesta of Canlaon City, the search for the Miss Canlaon 2018 marks as one of the highlight celebration of the event. After a couple of years since our last visit in Canlaon City, the DC-Team almost forgot how beautiful the women of Canlaon were.

With nine lovely candidates competing for the title and crown as Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018, it takes great organization to keep up with a good show. We would like to congratulate the different organizers who were behind the success of both the Talent Night and Coronation Night of the Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018.

Due to the tight scheduling of the DC-Team, we were, unfortunately, unable to attend the talent night of the Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018. Despite missing pre-pageant of the whole beauty contest, we would like to think that the candidates did their very best and still made a great show for the all the viewers.

Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018 – Coronation Night

The Coronation Night of the Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018 was held on March 18, 2018, at the Canlaon City Cultural & Sports Center, where hundreds of supportive spectators and audience cheered. The beauty and brain contest were comprised of four portions; production, bikini and Q&A, evening gown and finally the ‘Top 3’.

The show started with the respective prayer, National Anthem, introduction of judges, reading of guidelines and of course the word of welcome from the Canlaon City Mayor Jimmy Jayme L. Clerigo. Then it was finally time to show the candidates for the first part of the competition in the production number with their festival slash goddess attire!

Miss Canlaon 2018 Candidates Sizzle in Swim Wears

After the awakening performance and introduction number of the nine lovely candidates, it was time to make them sizzle in the Swim Wear Competition of the whole competition. For this year’s swimwear theme, the organizers chose a two-piece attire with printed leaves. Aside from the candidate’s beauty, this part of the competition gave them the chance to show off their curvy bodies and their sexy catwalks.

Evening Gown – Stunning in Red

After heating up the whole place, it was time to be demure and elegant with the evening gown portion of the Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018. The candidates walked in their fiery red gowns that represented them as strong and brave individuals. True enough, each of the nine candidates walked with pride as they presented their barangay for the competition.

Not long, the competition had to come to an end. After giving the different awards and choosing the top three, it was time for them to answer the final question. Without being in the hot seat of the candidates, one can feel the excitement and anticipation of all the viewers as their fave candidates showcase their wits.

Each of the candidates gave their very best, however, only one could bring the honor and responsibility of being called as the Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018.

Congratulations Miss Canlaon 2018!

Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018 - Negros Oriental
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