Miss Valencia 2017

Mutya ng Valencia 2017 – Negros Oriental

Miss Valencia 2017 - Coronation Night

The DC-Team have always enjoyed watching beauty pageants held in the municipality of Valencia since the first coverage in Miss Valencia 2014. Like the past few pageants, the search for Miss Valencia 2017 was indeed another successful event. The Coronation Night of the beauty pageant was held in front of a supportive and cheerful crowd at the Valencia Gymnasium, while the Talent Night was held during the pre-pageant on October 07, 2017.

Miss Valencia 2017 –  Coronation Night

After the respective opening prayers, National Anthem and words of welcome, it was show time! Ten beautiful ladies walked out to the stage in their floral headdresses paired with a silky long skirt and shiny colorful top. With the recent celebration of the Puhag Festival 2017, the Miss Valencia 2017 production number is inspired by the flowers that the bees (of the festival) portraits.

After the festival inspired production number, the candidates prepared themselves for the steamy round of the competition. Yes, it is the Swimwear round! The swimwear was inspired by the 1940’s, with high waist bottom and a flowy top. The female elderlies in the audience were able to smile as they flashback the times they wore the same designed swimwear back in their golden days. With grace and pose the candidates managed to make the best out of the attire. The first part of the question and answer portion of the competition was also done as the candidates wore their swimwear attire.

After the swimwear competition and the first part of the question and answer, the MC took control over the stage and the crowd as they give an intermission. Reading of sponsors and VIPs were also announced. The mayor of Bayawan City was also given the chance to make a speech before the next part of the competition follows, the evening gown competition.

The “sunny evening gown”, as quoted by one of the hosts, was inspired by the queen bees of the Puhag Festival. With a bright color of yellow and black, the candidates were able to show how stunning they are in a gown. After a few rounds on stage, the candidates were lined up for the minor and special awarding. The top 5 of the competition were also called to proceed to the next round of the competition.

The top five candidates, who made it to the finals, were given a specific question that the judges have to personally ask them. With a calm and wise choice of words, all the five candidates were able to give an answer. All the candidates did their very best in the whole competition, however, only one can bring home the crown and the title. Until next year Valencia.

Congratulations Miss Valencia 2017!!!

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