Puhag Festival 2017

Valencia – Negros Oriental

Puhag Festival 2017

The Puhag Festival 2017 in Valencia was first ever held as the official festival of the municipality last October 08, 2017. It was officially launched way back in the summer of May 28, 2017, and was promised to be held during the celebration of the town fiesta. So to say, they know how to keep some of their promises. The buzzing festival was indeed a successful and gleeful celebration for both the locals and the other spectators.

Puhag Festival 2017 Street Dancing Parade

The Puhag Festival 2017 made the cloudy Sunday afternoon of Valencia into a high-spirited town with the first main event of the celebration. The festivity was kicked-off with the street dancing parade around the streets of Valencia. A variety of ‘bee costumes’ and honey bee collectors (known as mamuluhas in the Visayan dialect) were seen during the event.

Showdown of Puhag Festival 2017

After the street dancing parade around the municipality, all the dancers and performers were gathered at the Town Plaza to have the second main event of the celebration – the Showdown! The grandstand of the plaza was just fully packed with excited supporters and cheering audience. The spotlight was given to the performers who did a fantastic job for the first-ever celebration of the Puhag Festival 2017.

The Puhag Festival 2017 was nothing else but a huge success. Congratulations to all the participant and the organizer who made the colorful festivity celebration and hopeful started a great new tradition. We will be back for more.

Happy Puhag Festival 2017 & Happy Fiesta Valencia!!!

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