Marching Band Competition 2017

Buglasan Festival 2017 – Negros Oriental

Buglasan Festival 2017 - Marching Band Competition

The Buglasan Festival 2017 – Marching Band Competition was held on October 14, 2017 with two main categories; elementary and high school divisions. Although the weather was quite wet and gloomy, the participants of the marching band kept their brightest smiles and performed their very best. The Elementary Band Competition as held around 9:30 am in the gloomy morning while the High School Marching Competition was held around 3:30 pm in rainy afternoon.

Elementary Marching Band Competition

The elementary students from the different schools of Negros Oriental came and swayed their bright and colorful costumes in front of hundreds of people in the Perdices Colosseum. The little performers were able to give an outstanding and jolly performance to oppose the grey skies.

High School Marching Band

Unlike the elementary, the High School Marching Band Competition is divided to another three categories; Marching Band Inter-Collegiate Competition , Marching Band Competition A (full band with brass section) and Marching Band Competition B (without brass).

The grey skies from the earlier portion of the elementary marching band competition couldn’t wait any longer and pour it’s drops after the first group performed. The audience waited for about an hour as the skies cried like a teenager in love. When it finally stopped, everything moved on. The weather conditions were not perfectly sunny but it was good enough for an outstanding and jolly performance from the different schools.

Congratulations to all the participants and organizers of the Competition. Happy Buglasan Festival 2017!!!

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