Miss Valencia 2016

Miss Valencia 2016

The Fiesta in Valencia is yearly celebrated just before the Buglasan Festival. This is maybe one of the reason, why it is not that well known than other Fiestas in Negros Oriental. Of course this is no reason for us to miss out on that and cover the Miss Valencia 2016, which is one of the highlights of the Fiesta celebrations. The search of for the new queen of Valencia was split up into three events. While we missed the presentation, we were able to make it to the talent night.

Miss Valencia Talen Night

Miss Valencia 2016 – Talent Night

While the talent section is not really one of our favorites, as one can only see and listen to a certain amount of strange performances in a year, it need to be said that all candidates of Miss Valencia 2016 were way above the average of what we encountered this year. Well done ladies!

Miss Valencia 2016 – Coronation Night

The Coronation Night for Miss Valencia 2016 was held on a Monday which might be one of the reasons why it started almost in time. Before we get to the lovely candidates, let’s have a quick look at the VIPs, VUPs and many hands which are needed to get a event like this going.

Miss Valencia 2016 – Presentation

Las Vegas was the theme of the opening number and no other song than classic “Viva Las Vegas” in a newer and modern upbeat version brought the lovely ladies for the first time in front of the cheering audience in the municipality gym of Valencia. What a great start into the night.

Miss Valencia 2016 – Play Wear

After a short intermission and some greetings from the Mayor the ten contestants entered the stage again for the play-wear round. Play Wear is a political correct version of the Bikini Round, but let’s be honest, a Miss contest without Bikini is just not complete If there is any critics about this event, it must be said, that even the design of this so called play wear wasn’t really thought, but who are we to judge…

Miss Valencia 2016 – Evening Gowns

“Ladies in Red”, that would be actually all there is to say. Intonated by the world-famous Chris de Burgh song with the vocals of one of the judges (apologies, we didn’t get the complete name), the 10 gorgeous Ladies graced us again in simply stunning red evening gowns. This picture just made up for everything the play wear did not deliver. But once again, just see yourself.

Congratulations Miss Valencia 2016

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