Mantuod Festival 2016 in Manjuyod

Mantuod Festival 2016 in Manjuyod

The Mantuod Festival 2016 in Manjuyod was held under difficult circumstances. When we arrived in the Municipality around lunchtime, the sun was burning down but dark clouds were already waiting at the horizon across the Tañon Straight. The street dancing started in time and it appeared that not only the whole municipality was waiting along the streets, but also many people from the neighboring towns.

Mantuod Festival

The first contingent arrived just when the first drops came down from the clouds. It took only a few minutes and the clouds opened their gates. It started pouring down like standing under a waterfall. However, the next contingent still made it to our spot and showed a great spirit, continued dancing and did their very best. Awesome spirit!

The organizers did the only sensible and stopped the Street Dancing of the Mantoud Festival 2016. Everybody moved to the gym, where the showdown was scheduled for 3pm. Despite being soaked to the bones everybody was in festival mood and great spirit. Even we repeat ourselves, each of the participants earned our honest respect for making all the spectators in the gym smiling.

Manjoyod - Mantuod Festival 2016

The Mantoud Festival 2016 in Manjuyod was certainly one of the highlights of our Festival, not only because it was different, but because of the great performers and the thoughtful organizers. We certainly will be back next year.

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