Calle de Bailar 2019

Tayasan Festival – Negros Oriental

Calle de Bailar 2019 - Tayasan - Negros Oriental

The celebration of the Calle de Bailar 2019 during the Dalit Tayasanon Fiesta was held on June 10, 2019. Seven groups of dancers joined in this year’s street dancing and showdown competition in Tayasan. As an annual Thanksgiving tradition, the celebration of the Calle de Bailar honors the town’s patron saint; St. Antonio de Pagua.

Calle de Bailar 2019 – Tayasan Fiesta & Festival

The street dancing was held around one o’clock in the afternoon. For some reason, the weather that day was pretty weird. The first few minutes it started pouring rain. The audience sought roof over bus stops, canopies, and nearby buildings. Despite the drizzling rain, the show continued! The first group of the street dancing were not the luckiest, however, they just showed how determined they are to perform. After the first few minutes of rain, the sun finally came out.

The street dancing competition finished at around three o’clock in the afternoon. After everyone was gathered at the covered court or gym of Tayasan, the showdown began. Of course, a short prayer and singing of the National Anthem were made before-hand.

All seven groups of dancers showcased their special theme for their dance. Some were inspired by chicken, some by coconuts and some by fish. Did you miss the street dancing and showdown?

Watch the Calle de Bailar 2019 Video below:

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