Miss Tanjay 2018

Tanjay City – Negros Oriental

Miss Tanjay 2018 - Negros Oriental - Coronation Night

Twelve lovely candidates joined in the search for the Miss Tanjay 2018 last July 23, 2018, at the covered court of Tanjay City, Negros Oriental. Hundreds of people travel from near and far just to celebrate the Tanjay Fiesta 2018 and its different grand events. The DC-Team always felt welcome when visiting Tanjay City for events such as this.

Miss Tanjay 2018 – Coronation Night

The Miss Tanjay 2018 coronation night had four main categories in which the judges had to rate; production number, bikini round, evening gown and the Q&A (question and answer). Right after the opening prayer, singing of the National Anthem and the opening speeches, the candidate set the stage on fire with their production number. The production attire is an inspired filipiniana gown with a headdress all designed by a local designer.

The ever-beautiful Miss Maria Venus Raj y Bayonito was the chairman of the board of judges during the Miss Tanjay 2018. It was also a great honor of her being there since it was her also birthday. The candidates made sure to give their best to impress her and to prove that they deserve the crown and the title as Miss Tanjay 2018.

After setting the stage on fire with the production number, the show went on in making it even hotter with the bikini portion of the whole competition. The candidates wore a flattering tropical green bikini that complimented each of their curves and toned bodies.

Miss Tanjay 2018 - Bikini

A Miss Tanjay is not only about the physical appearance but of the wits and composure. The first round of the question and answer was made right after the bikini round. With out a doubt, this year’s batch of candidates are not only beautiful but intelligent as well. The judges surely had a tough time deciding who will make it to the top 5 of the competition.

Once the first part of the question and answer was done, the candidates went backstage to change their evening gowns. The evening gowns of the candidates were again specially designed with the same design just in different lace colors. The gowns that night made the candidates spectacularly elegant. While the candidates were the main attraction of the show, the audience was definitely not complaining when two celebrities serenaded them and the candidates.

The Miss Tanjay 2018 Coronation Night was indeed a great success. After the evening gown portion a quick final question was made and not long a new Miss Tanjay City 2018 began her journey and her reign.

Congratulation Miss Tanjay 2018!!!

Miss Tanjay 2018 - Winner
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