Miss Silka 2018

Dumaguete City

Miss Silka 2018

The Miss Silka 2018 of Dumaguete City was nothing else but a huge success thanks to the different organizers of the pageant committee. Fifteen lovely candidates coming from all over Negros Oriental joined in the search for the next queen who will compete for the national level of the Miss Silka 2018.

Miss Silka 2018 Swimwear Competition

The swim wear competition of the Miss Silka took place weeks before at the Oasis of Florentina Homes. With fifteen candidates and a pool, one would just stand in either envy or amazement with the flawless skin and curvy features the candidates has.

Miss Silka 2018 Dumaguete – Coronation Night

Throughout the years, when it comes to beauty pageants and programs, the DC-Team have always appreciated the efforts of organizers being on time. The Miss Silka 2018 in Dumaguete was held last July 21, 2018, at the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Complex. The show was free of admission, therefore, there were loads of supporters for each of the candidates.

The candidates had to change their outfits three times; one for the production number, one for the bikini round and one for the evening gown. The audience cheered as the first segment of the competition finally started. The production number was done with a dance from the candidates in a shiny gold top and flowy skirt.

Since the swimwear competition was already made, the bikini round was just to once again show the curves and flawless skin of the candidates.

The audience had a blast during the intermission number as the candidates prepare themselves for the evening gown competition, which was without doubts the highlight of the evening, but see yourself:

Just before 10 o’clock a new queen emerged as she became the new Miss Silka Dumaguete 2018!


Miss Silka 2018
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