Miss Sta. Catalina 2017

Negros Oriental – Philippines

Miss Sta Catalina 2017 - Pakol Festival Costume

Miss Sta Catalina was an event where we had to wait for 2 years, as in 2016 due to the elections the search for the queen of the municipality on the southern tip of Negros Oriental was cancelled. As higher were the expectations for the Miss Sta. Catalina 2017 pageant. And all we can say, the contest did not only life up to our expectations, it exceeded it by a mile and a half.

The 10 lovely candidates started the show and presented their version of the Pakol Festival costume to a huge crowd on the stage in front of the municipality hall of Sta. Catalina.

No event without VIPs, VUPs and everything in between as well as all judges, helping hands and of course the performers during the intermission numbers, giving the candidates time to change their outfit. Here some we caught during Miss Sta. Catalina 2017.

After all judges were introduced, the rules announced and all speaches spoken, the candidates returned for another round where they showed their dancing skills as a team.

While the day in Sta. Catalina was already hot, the temperature climbed to boiling point, when the 10 contestants entered the stage in Bikini. We highly respect the organizers for the decision not to use some ridiculous beach-wear glued together by a friend who calls itself designer. We’ve seen some real bad stuff over the years here in Negros.

But even more respect to the candidates, as it is not easy for most to wear a bikini on front of such a huge crowed. However, you did an awesome job to be sexy and elegant at the same time.

Miss Sta Catalina 2017 - Bikini

Latest by now, the crowed in front of the stage was wide awake and the cheers grew louder and louder when the 10 contestants appeared after a short intermission with their colorful evening gowns.WOW! … really not much more to say.

It was already long after midnight until the judges reached their though verdict who will be the new Miss Sta. Catalina 2017.

Congratulations Miss Sta. Catalina 2017

Miss Sta Catalina 2017
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