Miss La Libertad 2017

Negros Oriental – Philippines

Miss La Libertad 2017 - Negros Oriental - Philippines

It was an early start for us to go from Dumaguete to La Libertad as we didn’t only want to cover the Miss La Libertad 2017 beauty pageant, but also get there in time for the kite contest and roam around to discover some places we have not been before.

The search for Miss La Libertad 2017 started right in time, which is noteworthy as we all know how rare this is. Well done and big respect to the organizers and all involved who were on their spot when they had to be. We used the change for a quick sneak behind the scene and to catch some of the VIPs and VUPs.

The Bikini Round was already the next on the schedule, which was without any breaks and long speeches or endless introductions where nobody listens anyway. Again, well done!

Beach wear should be a requirement by law for any beauty pageant in the world. If anybody thinks different and the brain is that what matters, they may watch a math or poem-writing contest at any school, but certainly are at the wrong event when watching a beauty contest. The Miss La Libertad 2017 pageant and the seven contestants showed, that sexy and elegance get along very well.

Talent rounds are always a little bit tricky. Nowadays the people just don’t have that many creative hobbies, as it is hard to paint or play an instrument when 1 – 3 cellphones are glued to the hands. However, the one or other candidate came up with some good stuff.

The round where the seven candidates for Miss La Libertad 2017 presented themselves to the audience in casual wear was spiced up with pandan leaves as a requirement. Each of them had a different approach, but we found that a great idea and quite challenging for the designers and contestants.

Finally, the great show came to an end with the last round, the evening gowns. Latest by now it was clear to everybody, that Miss La Libertad 2017 was an outstanding event with many highlights. Now it was up to the judges to decide. The real winner was everybody who came to watch the event live!

Thank you to all in La Libertad for inviting us to this great event and taking good care of us!

Congratulations Miss La Libertad 2017

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