Miss Siaton 2017

A trip to the lovely municipality of Siaton is always a pleasure. If you are about to witness 26 beauties competing for the title of Miss Siaton 2017 it is even more exciting. Like on any of our visits the people in charge took great care of us and picked us up in Dumaguete together with some of the VIPs and VUPs.

Miss Siaton 2017

The people of Siaton had to wait 2 years for a coronation night, as last year the contest had to be cancelled due to the elections. However, what the organizers of this years pageant put on stage was one of the best events we and thousands of spectators witnessed in many years.

26 beautiful ladies, one from each barangay of Siaton, competed for the title of Miss Siaton 2017. The gym of the municipality was packed and hundreds of people had to stay outside the venue, still cheering for the respective candidate of their barangay.

As much as we can recall, it is a first time that ALL barangays of a municipality or city in Negros Oriental were participating in the search for the new beauty queen. A great idea and also a great sign, that all were actually participating and not skipping it for political or other reasons. The audience honored that with enthusiastic support and cheers throughout the whole show.

Even with this high number of candidates it was a tight scheduled show where one highlight came after another without any time wasted. The focus was on the lovely ladies until the very end.

Miss Siaton 2017 pageant

Only after first round in evening gowns and the serenade the field was reduced to 10 finalists. A tough job for the judges as there were simply so many stunning and smart ladies in the spotlight. However, one had to be the winner. For us it was the audience and all involved and/or participated in this event, as all played important part of this nice show.

Congratulations Miss Siaton 2017

Miss Siaton 2017 - Negrosd Oriental
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