Miss Pura Vida 2017

Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort – Dauin – Negros Oriental

Miss Pura Vida 2017

Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort in Dauin was inviting us for their 13-year anniversary celebration which was held together with their Christmas Party highlighting in the search for Miss Pura Vida 2017. Of course, we could not resist the invitation of our long-time Chris Heim who is also an avid supporter of our Website since years. Each time we visit the great Beach Resort in Dauin we feel immediately part of the whole Pura Vida Family, as do the guests from all over the world.

After checking in, we had a refreshing drink at the beach bar a great bite to eat before slowly getting ready and camera loaded for the search of Miss Pura Vida 2017. Seven candidates from the different departments challenged themselves and the judges during the different rounds of this event.

Christian Heim - Pura Vida & Sea Explorers

After a great welcome speech, where Chris introduced and thanked not only his own family, but also his friends and partners of Pura Vida, Sea Explorers and Vida Homes, the contest was about to start with the production number. Each of the candidates represented a fictive goddess related to nature in a colorful costume. They certainly looked much better in their outfit than the Miss Dumaguete Candidates which were put in Spanish Torero guys outfit, which just does not fit to a lovely woman.

After the production round the host introduced the judges and read the guidelines while the candidates got ready for the next round. Fitting to a event at the beach, the lovely contestants appeared in a nice casual summer dress lead by the last winner of this competition. As pictures say more than words, just see yourself.

The discussion about dreadful talent rounds at beauty pageants is an ongoing story. However, the contestants showed that they are not only top in doing their job in the respective department, but also are capable to entertain their guests as singers, dancers and painters. At least we didn’t need to watch people rolling on the ground and shouting around, calling it expressionless performance, like on many of the past events.

The highlight and most cheers of the event was of course when the lovely ladies appeared in sexy bikinis. Guests and friends of the resort were as excited as the different supporters of each department. Being a Beach and Dive Resort, there is no need for evening gowns. The Q&A section was also held in the sexy beach outfit.

After another intermission the winners of the minor and major awards were announced. Congratulations to all participants and to

Miss Pura Vida 2017

Miss Pura Vida 2017 - Winners
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