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Manjuyod – Nergos Oriental

Miss Manjuyod 2018 - Coronation Night - Negros Oriental

The search for the Miss Manjuyod 2018 became the concluding event of the whole Manjuyod Fiesta celebration held last October 2, 2018. Ten lovely candidates battled their way to the honor and crown as Miss Manjuyod 2018. Since years, the DC-Team were always welcomed by the Tourism Office of Manjuyod and the ever-active Mayor Felix Andaya Sy. For those who missed the coronation night, check out the pictures of the event below!

Miss Manjuyod 2018 – Coronation Night

The original numbers of candidates were twenty-four. However, during the presentation night and the elimination night of Miss Manjuyod 2018, only ten lucky candidates were chosen to compete for the Coronation night.

With lots of prayers and high hopes, Manjuyod had the perfect weather to conduct the coronation night of the beauty and brains pageant. There were four main portions of the evening in which the candidates had to compete into. There is the production number, swimsuit competition, evening gown, and the question and answer (Q&A) portion.

After introducing themselves, the candidate went to the backstage and made a quick change to the hottest portion of the whole evening. The swimsuit chosen by the pageant committee were quite interesting.  It was rather a sexy one-piece swimsuit with a touch of seductive open sides.

After the revealing their gorgeous and well-toned bodies, the ten-candidate slipped into their evening gowns. For this year’s pageant, there was no specific color for the evening gowns. But after watching the pageant, there is one common thing in all the gowns. They were extra sparkly!

So far, the Miss Manjuyod 2018 has been one of the fastest and efficient pageants the DC-Team attended. Well done to the organizers! Right after the evening gown, the question and answer followed. Then the top three were called and not too long a new queen was crowned.

Congratulations Miss Manjuyod 2018 Winners!

Miss Manjuyod 2018 - Winners - Negros Oriental
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