Mantuod Festival 2018

Street Dancing & Showdown

Mantuod Festival 2018 - Manjuyod - Negros Oriental

The celebration of the Mantuod Festival 2018 in the municipality of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, was nothing else but a huge success last Saturday, September 30, 2018. This year’s theme is “Panaghiusa sa Kalig-on sa Pagtoo Batok sa Dautan” which means Unite in Strength of Faith Against Evil.

Mantuod Festival 2018 – Showdown & Street Dancing

Unlike the past two years of the Mantuod Festival in Manjuyod, this year’s festivities did not celebrate under the pouring rain, but instead under the richness of sunshine! Five groups precipitated in the Showdown and Street dancing Competition of the Mantuod Festival 2018. The term “Mantuod” comes from the phrase ‘manggang tuod sa Manjuyod’ which means tuod mangoes from Manjuyod.

The showdown of the festival started around one in the afternoon. Respective prayers, singing of the National Anthem and opening remarks were made. After this, the traditional thanksgiving ceremony was made with gift offerings. Then finally the actual showdown started!

With only five group dancers, the showdown did not take too long. In fact, they did not take long at all! The audience was not bored to death and they seem to be energized and headed off to the roads for the street dancing right after the showdown.

The street dancing passed fast as well with only five groups. The Mantuod Festival 2018 is one of the festivities in Negros Oriental that finishes before dark. Well done for the organizers. On behalf of the DC-Team, we would like to thank the different Tourism Officers of Manjuyod and of course to the ever-active Manjuyod Mayor Felix Andaya Sy.

Happy Mantuod Festival 2018
& Viva Saint Francis of Assisi!!!

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