Miss Jimalalud 2020

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

Miss Jimalalud 2020 - Negros Oriental

The search for Miss Jimalalud 2020 was celebrated as one of the highlights of the Jimalalud Fiesta 2020. There were 18 lovely ladies who competed for the crown and title. The Coronation Night was held on January 14, 2020 at the Hacienda Basketball Court. One crown, one title…who will be the next Miss Jimalalud?

Miss Jimalalud 2020 – Coronation Night

The prestigious pageant in Jimalalud started almost 10 o’clock in the evening already. The court was filled with spectators both local and foreign. The program kicked-off with a prayer, singing of the National Anthem and the Jimalalud hymn. After that…it was show time!

The candidates for this year’s Miss Jimalalud 2020 gave an awesome and lively production number in their festival attires. There were three different kinds of costumes that the 18 candidates wore. There was a white one that symbolized air, red that symbolized fire and brown that symbolized earth or soil. The costumes were minimal and resembles a two-piece (bra and skirt) outfit.

The candidates introduced themselves with pride as they shout the barangays they represented. After the production, the ladies went backstage to slip into their play wear attire. The three basic elements were showcased during the production number. Now the play wear which symbolizes water was showcased. It was hardly a play wear attire since no one could wear it for any sport. The very light blue fabric was wrapped around the candidates making it seem like they were caught in the curtains. Nevertheless, they walked as if they wore a bikini…sexy and confident!

After the play wear round, an intermission number was given. This gave enough time for the 18 candidates to change into their evening gowns. For the first round of the evening gown, there was no color theme. However, based on what we can see, it was floral themed. The first set of the Question and Answer was then asked. After that, the changed into green evening gowns.

From 18 candidates, it was turned to 8 candidates. Then, after 8 there were 5. Finally, the last set of questions were asked, and a new queen was finally crowned. The show ended past one o’clock in the morning already. Surprisingly there were a lot of people who stayed till the end.

Congratulations Miss Jimalalud 2020 Winners!!!

Miss Jimalalud 2020
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