Pasayaw Festival 2018

Canlaon City – Negros Oriental

Canlaon City -Pasayaw Festival 2018

After our first and only visit back in 2015 to the ever-progressive city of Canlaon, we were again finally given the invitation and opportunity to cover this year’s the Pasayaw Festival 2018 and Miss Canlaon Pasayaw 2018. During our visit, we were warmly accommodated by Malou Venida Dalatorre at the Canlaon Pensionhouse managed by Mamerto Bermil (who by the way never failed in catering our needs).

The Pasayaw Festival 2018 of Canlaon City in Negros Oriental marked the concluding celebration of the Canlaon City Fiesta. With twelve barangay contingents, the festival was not only a sight to see but a festival you couldn’t miss. Unlike other festivals, the Pasayaw Festival 2018 was a none stop event with no lunch break in between. Right after the street dancing, the different groups had to continue for the showdown competition at the Canlaon oval area.

Pasayaw Festival 2018 – Street Dancing

All the dancers, props, drum beaters and other performers of Pasayaw Festival 2018 were gathered in and around the Children’s Park of Canlaon City as early as 10 am. Despite the blazing heat of the sun, the cool winds of the mountainous city blew to refresh both the dancers and the spectators. The Pasayaw Festival 2018 was officially started past one o’clock.

Pasayaw Festival 2018 – Showdown

As mentioned earlier, the Pasayaw Festival of Canlaon City was a non-stop event. One could say that the people of Canlaon are full of energy because, despite the tiresome walk and performance under the heat of the sun, the dancers were still able to perform give an awesome performance.

The dancers had to walk and perform from the Children’s Park to the Oval Track & Field area of Canlaon; a 1.6 kilometer under the heat of the sun. Upon arriving at the showdown grounds, a pack of very supportive audience awaited their respective barangay contingents.

After almost three years, we almost forgot how fun and enjoyable the Pasayaw Festival of Canlaon City. We thank Canlaon City Mayor Jimmy Jayme L. Clerigo for allowing us to cover this wonderful event, and of course to the different organizers for giving us specified areas to cover the event. We hope to see you all next year for the Pasayaw Festival 2019!

Happy Fiesta Canlaon City, Viva St. Joseph!!!

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