Mantuod Festival 2017

Manjuyod – Negros Oriental

Mantuod Festival 2017 - Manjuyod - Negros Oriental

The celebration of the Mantuod Festival 2017 in Manjuyod was yet again a great and successful event. Unlike last year, the Mantuod Festival 2017 was blessed by the weather gods with a dry afternoon. Both the spectators and the performers showed their great festival spirit as their hearts yearn to see the festival showdown and street dancing.

Although the event was slightly delayed, we already kept in mind in which country the event was held and that “Filipino-Time” is just another normal thing. When it finally started, everyone turned to their respective places as the usual opening prayers, national anthem, and opening remarks were given. The “halad” or offertory was given by the barangay captains assisted by the Manjuyod Mayor. With opening program done, the dancers waited for no second more and started to prepare themselves for their thrilling performance.

Most of the festivals here in Negros Oriental starts the festival competitions with the street dancing followed by the showdown. But due to the slight “troublesome” weather last year, the organizers have decided to have the showdown competition first. This is to assure that the dancers wouldn’t have to dance in their beautiful…but wet festival costumes (like last year) after the street dancing.

After enjoying the Mantuod Festival 2016, the DC-Team has decided to make the promised visit this year. We are not disappointed by the decision of visiting the pleasant municipality of Manjuyod.

Until next year Mantuod Festival and Happy Fiesta Manjuyod!!!

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