Lingganay Festival 2019

Christmas Festival – Mabinay – Negros Oriental

Lingganay Festival 2019 in Mabinay

The Lingganay Festival 2019 of the municipality of Mabinay was celebrated from December 16, 2019 – January 02, 2020. It was the Christmas Festival like no other in the province of Negros Orietal. As part of the festivities, Mabinay had a Christmas Tree Competition, which was participated by the 32 barangays of the municipality.

History of Lingganay Festival

The Christmas Festival and tradition started in the year 2000 headed by former Mayor Ernie “Jango” T. Uy. In the midst of the holiday season, he decided that Mabinay needed another reason to level up the Christmas spirit. One of the highlights of the celebration is actually the ringing of the Lingganay Bell. The ringing of the bell announces the hope of having years of joy with Jesus as our guide. The celebration of the Lingganay Festival also marks the beginning of the Langub Festival and Mabinay Fiesta.

Christmas Tree Competition 2019

The final judging of the Christmas trees was made on January 02, 2019. This was then followed by a Christmas program, where different groups performed in form of dance, singing and rapping. The talented people of Mabinay gave their very best during the show. After the performance, the first appearance of the Miss Mabinay 2020 (Langub Queen 2020) was made. As mentioned earlier, the Lingganay marks the end of Christmas celebration and the start of the Langub Festival of Mabinay.

Hundreds of people came to celebrate the last day of the Lingganay Festival 2019. Live bands were everywhere, food stalls, trade fairs and more. A show will not be a show with out some fireworks. The program ended with the loud bangs of colorful fireworks. After that, the people in Mabinay enjoyed the last day of the Christmas Festival with peace, harmony and joy.

We would like to thank Mabinay Mayor Jeoterry A. Uy and Vice Mayor Ernie “Jango” T. Uy for inviting us in the celebration of the Lingganay Festival 2019. Special thanks as well to the tourism office for accommodating us and making us feel welcome. A Prosperous New Year to you all!!!

Watch the Lingganay Festival 2019 Video here:

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