Langub Festival in Mabinay

Mabinay Langub Festival

The municipality of Mabinay is also known as the “Cave capital of the Philippines”. The municipality is known to have more than a hundred explored caves underneath their soil. Mabinay is famously known for their adventure parks and cave attractions all throughout Negros Oriental.

The Langub Festival is annually  celebrated in the Poblacion (town center) of Mabinay every 24th of January. This cave-inspired festival showcases the importance of the caves and other features of Mabinay to the town. The municipality of Mabinay gives reverence and praise to their patron saint, Sto. Niño (Child Jesus), as they celebrate the Langub Festival.

A story of bravery and unity are performed during the Langub Festival of Mabinay. With scenarios of the Negrense (aborigines of Negros Oriental) and the revelation of Santo Niño, the festival is created into a splendid action and fun filled festival. Props of bamboo, flowers and other ornamentals have created the festival into a tame yet graceful sight to see.

This street dancing festival and the showdown is usually accompanied with Latin or Samba drum beats to support the fast and patterned choreography. With costumes of shining silver and bronze, the festival shines the brightest among all. Floats and other props are shaped into cave and rocks to give the festival a good scenario of Mabinay’s caves and what wonders lies inside it.

With bright and vintage clothing of the festival, tourist and neighboring towns and municipalities join the festival to enjoy the yearly celebration. The Langub Festival is also a traditional event wherein the combination of religion, uniqueness, tribunal practices, thanksgiving, history and merry making are put up as one.

This week-long celebration is packed with numerous activities and events such as agro fair, sports events, beauty pageant, street dancing and showdown, live bands and of course the fireworks display. Having the annual Langub Festival helps promote the tourism of Mabinay and awareness of the municipality.